Luxe, Blood Elf Mage, BlackWatch , World of Warcraft

Nymeria: Figurine – Demon Panther what the deuce?
Mooabunga: The quest leads you to find the Demon Cougar, which summons a rather attractive older woman

Seasmoke: i got vision dust flying out of my asshole!
Seasmoke: POOF

Luxe: our cat did that whole hunch up and drag her ass across the carpet thing
Luxe: left a poo streak about a foot long
Aedora: i can do that, i’m not impressed

Luxe: we were here once before. there were all kinds of tanking tricks, none of which you correctly performed.
Aedora: what!?
Aedora: oh wait, i remember this guy. i have been here
Aedora: this is the one where i died on all the bosses

Aedora: anyone want to join us for a 5 man?
Aedora: mind you, we’re badass enough to pull off a 4 man, but if some useless hack wants to tag along

Akuji: /grabs package and squeezes fervently

Aedora: i’ve fought teen-aged girls tougher than that guy
Luxe: you’ve fought teenaged girls?
Aedora: and knocked their asses out!

Aedora: i can’t really remember this boss
Aedora: don’t stand in the fire?
Aedora: or do, i wash my hands of it
Seasmoke: Die gloriously!
Aedora: I’m gonna do spirit fingers

Xael: When we come back up, Aedora pick up the adds, then dps aoe them down
Aedora: too much to remember. I’m calling this Tank N’ Spank

Aedora: we should start a new guild: The Corporal Onion’s Good Company Spleen Band

Azurp: i wish i had boobs
Azurp: boobs win a lot of ppl over

Aedora has died.
Aedora: so this is how it ends
Aedora: remember me, for I knew thee

You have entered Grim Batol.
Aedora: “My god, man. That’s a grim butthole.”

Mactabilis: God my dps sucks. Thank Dalby I’m with you guys

Aedora: when did you ding 85 smoke?
Seasmoke: when i was damn well good and ready

Aedora: btw, mac… Drake of the North Wind. i’m just sayin
Aedora: i’m gonna go stand outside the AH on it for half an hour or so before going to bed
Aedora: if the drake drops on slabhide i am gonna need on it too
Aedora: then drop group and guild and server

Seasmoke: My new weapon is like canned liquid awesomeness in spray form
Seasmoke: I am going to use it for my dps alternative lifestyle
Aedora: I accept your alternative lifestyle

Mattarius: I still have more balls than you
Malkavious: Having them in your mouth doesn’t count as having them

Johnnysako: if you were pvping with me Xael, that poor bastard I was grouped with would NOT have lost every BG he was in!

Xael: i have bloodlust!
Rathekrel: bloodlust is overrated
Xael: i am Xael, the unrated version
Rathekrel: all that means is more cuss words and singing, and the word boobies pops up more
Aedora: not really, just means unrated. I’ve been pretty dissapointed with the unrated versions before.
Aedora: “this version has a scene where he takes out the garbage!”
Aedora: and I can’t even tell the difference between bad santa and badder santa

Ryeth: falling off a cliff while running from something that’s killing you, still kills you

Brawnizzle: Bextra drools in her sleep
Brawnizzle: I’m tellin ya. It’s like curling up with a St Bernard

Brawnizzle: HD porn?
Aedora: i want to see some blueray porn
Brawnizzle: gross. I like to leave some things to the imagination
Brawnizzle: imagine all the shaving bumps and blackheads
Brawnizzle: some things REQUIRE imagination
Necrö: airbrush ftw
Aedora: can you airbrush video?
Aedora: affordably?
Luxe: the Avatar of porn
Luxe: takes 10 years for a single anal shot
Aedora: and breaks a beelion dollars

Ellectra: u wanna do what?
Trezadin: i just wanna make you preggo
Evironrage: raiding ell’s uterus?

Xanos has earned the achievement Don’t Look Up!
Xanos: grats!
Xanos: thanks!
Xanos has left the guild.
Luxe has earned the achievement On Metzen!!
Luxe: If ya’ll don’t grats me, I’m leaving this guild
Holynutz: HOLY SHIT GRATZ!!! plz dont leave us =P
Luxe: alright, but i have my eye on you
Tam: your good eye?
Luxe: mah brown eye
Holynutz: ok this is getting hawt
Elegy has earned the achievement Good Grief!
Holynutz: GRATZ!!! don’t /gquit

Luxe: Elegy joined the guild? I remember her. She has much better gear than I do. I may have to secretly poison her to reestablish my dominance
Aedora: If you try to apply poisons, you may find your dps suffering even more. This is a rogue only talent.

1. General Slooth: i miss your whispering eye
1. General Unpolite: can i put my staff in your mana pool?

Xael: FD is not something you only use to save your ass when you pull aggro
Carnalfury: I FDed JUST before I pulled aggro…it was down as he walked to me
Dezzy: you should just FD at the start of the fight and wait for loot

Kyvia: im jerkin it furiously to pix of you Xael

Luxe: afk tea
Aedora: afk something much better to drink than tea
Aedora: because wtf…tea?
Xael: afk self touching
Xael: just kidding. i don’t go afk for that

To Aedora: ne
To Aedora: ehat d
To Aedora: ehat d
Aedora whispers: ?
To Aedora: that was a bad moment in kiting
Aedora whispers: LOL I thought it was some kind of joke. i was like…whoa, this is beyond me

Xael: This wait brought to you by…the makers of Dezzy. Dezzy for those inconvenient, raid-delaying moments. Great for the whole family!
Dezzy licks Xael.
Dezzy licks Xael.
Dezzy licks Xael.
Dezzy licks Xael.
Dezzy licks Xael.
Xael: I’m going to put you on ignore, even if it does feel good.

Luxe: fantastic. everyone here is naked
Aedora: not everyone here looks good naked. some of us are…rotting
Sina: =(
Aedora: oh not you sina. you’re barely rotting at all
Aedora: i didn’t even notice
Aedora: seriously, it’s like you haven’t been dead for more than 10 years

Shadowbender: did u guys win?
Xael: if by “win” you mean “get owned” then we won in fantastic fashion
Acabar: Didn’t hurt much
Acabar: ok maybe I can not see out of an eye any more but oh well

Aedora: sorry for my complete lameness, i’ll be giving out handjobs after the as an apology

Acabar: is only there was disert
Sevryn: english motherfucker, learn it
Grundom: isn’t mother fucker two words?
Acabar: you know what i meant.. shit. cannot type, spell, raid, watch TV, and eat fish. something has to give.

Seasmoke: Am I healing this?
Aedora: No, heal on the next boss. Just throw obscene insults at this one.

Xael: Xael has earned the title Admiral of the Failboat Fleet!

Necrö: almost had him
Lyniraa: Got him right where he wants us

Aedora: phone
Xael: it’s me, calling to tell you to get back in the raid

Xael: i cannot speak for anyone else, but i died from running out of health

Arwyndel: dezzy killed me
Dezzy: on purpose!
Arwyndel: that makes me sad, would you like to go for a ride in my motorcycle later dezzy?
Dezzy: of course i would
Dezzy: we going to make out point?
Dezzy: i can send dalby pictures before i die
Arwyndel: oh it will be a nice ride

Shøgun: i went on a mission back in the day. for jesus. door to door.
Shøgun: before i found beer and learned to love it
Shøgun: well, that and hookers

Xael has demoted Dalby to Just Uber.
Xael: group up on dalby. you can’t miss his big ass
Castabone: i was ok touching dalby’s ass…til i got a handful of dangleberries

Therightwing: i blame dezzy for not healing me through getting 1 shotted. you should have been prepared
Castabone: speaking of fail, how’s your love life Theri
Therightwing: pretty fail, i think i might have a quiet romantic date with a shotgun in the near future

Aedora: you keep saying your mage is your new main
Necrö: yeah once he is 80.
Necrö: leveling takes a long time if u never leave dalaran

Aedora whispers: sorry i didnt answer, had a sudden afk poop

Necrö: the first ulduar boss is doable by a bunch of druid hippies stoned out of their tree playing one handed

Castabone: that’s it, i’m joining a Peruvian flute band

Shøgun: Michael Jackson was a great man. i played naked twister with him many times when i was young

Xael: Carnalfury can’t lead us there. He’ll get us all killed. I’ve seen him crash a brand new corvette into a tree.
Carnalfury: like hell you have
Carnalfury: it was a Mustang…and it was a building
Carnalfury: now it’s a Vette…the mustang is no more 🙁
Shanatan: that building came outa nowhere!

Shøgun: you don’t want a girl to toss your salad if your brown star is tainted
Shøgun: not if you really love and care for her
Shøgun: my carmelita estralla is always sparkly clean

Dezzy: Texas is so flat and fucking boring.
Dezzy: easy road construction though…straight and long.
Therightwing: that’s how you like your men too, what a coincidence
Dezzy: yeah, too bad you’re short and indented

Aedora: this weekend, i got a playboy in the mail with olivia munn on the cover, but then she wasn’t nekkid in the mag
Aedora: it was a rollercoaster ride of emotions

Xael: I can’t remember the phases of this fight, so I can’t explain it
Grundom: phase one is I’m going to die, and then we’ll wipe

Xael: I’m so going to eat dinner with an option to get high after!

Shanatan: wtf? my roll was higher, why did he win?
Xael: he had more karma than you
Shanatan: so…what was the point of the rest of us rolling?
Sevryn: if he would have rolled a 1 and you a 100, you could have won
Xael: 235 + 67 > 215 + 77
Necrö: math crits raid for over 9000

Vengerax takes Vengerax’s Minion and gets a room.

Xael: group up
Castabone: nut to butt…rocket to socket
Grundom: inside the behind

Grundom: I hate west coast people.
Necrö: why because our balls dont fall off at 9:30?

Aedora whispers: i have found a new love
To Aedora: taco flavored kisses?
Aedora whispers: ambien, crfuncghed yo drubj sine beer abd sine oit tigetber
To Aedora: wtf?
Aedora whispers: thta made sense as ai tiypded it, now=
To Aedora: I cannot decipher this, you must be extremely fucked up
Aedora whispers: staying awake o 10mg ambien+ the green bud, + beear = wine
To Aedora: I’m calling 911

Xael: sometimes i don’t like you, necro
Necrö: but why not?
Toothygrin: oh oh! let me answer this one!
Toothygrin: Cause you got that sideways colon over your o and it’s hard to cybor you

ToothyGrin: I’m in love with a man
ToothyGrin: a man named Jesus
ToothyGrin: I’m gay for Jesus
Moomooguru: im sure Jesus appreciates it
Caramrod: indeed i do

Xael: i went and got some pudding. bill cosby always seems really happy when he talks about pudding. i thought maybe it would make me happy too.

Aedora: if i had a mic, you’d see i have a voice like velvety sateen
Aedora: sateen is a thing, right?

Aedora: wtf? i died! he hit a girl!
Aedora: and by wtf i mean Wally to Frank

Necrö: come to conservatory of life
Necrö: its so nice here
Necrö: im sure all those creatures are friendly

Xael: touch yourselves for a few minutes while we wait for folks to log on
Therightwing: ill be touching myself now and for the whole of the raid
Aedora: already there, done, and zipped up again

Aedora whispers: all the pharmaceutical grade opiates and beer means i luv you atm especially acutely

Necrö: still on a waiting list for a mic. canada. takes awhile.
Seasmoke: and the instructions are in french…

Aedora whispers: whsisper xael to suck a dick and concentrate on the head area.
Aedora whispers: exactly as that
Aedora whispers: don’t include the typos though

Viciousgrin: i love my cock. that’s why i polish it so often, to keep is shiney

Aedora whispers: you are owning on the bosses. like you walk away with a deed to a part of each of their asses.

Shøgun: xael’s my hero and my lover
Nymeria: *cry* i thought i was the only one
Xael: i might be a whore
Nymeria: i feel so cheap
Shøgun: but he can breathe through his nose…

Necrö: what kind of fisher price comp is aedora running to reboot for over 10 mins?

Xael: i want to see everyone back, buffed and ready to go in 5 mins. it should not take us 15 mins to get ready.
Xael goes offline.
Castabone: i wonder if it would be a bad idea to bring up to Xael he is not back and ready in five?

Dezzy: i miss my group mates…./cry
Therightwing: they dont miss you and your suck dps though
Dezzy: hahaha!!!
Dezzy: oh…

Grundom buffs everyone to a glossy shine.

Necrö: gimme a min my chinese farmer is finally online
Grundom: how many chinese does he farm?
Aedora: you should always let your chinese lie fallow every other year
Aedora: they produce higher yields that way

Shøgun: they make lifelike famous and anonymous vaginas in impact resistant travel tubes

Brawny: My grandfather was named Stacey. And he named his son Stacey. And my father named his oldest son Stacey…
Brawny: Then when I was born, he wanted to name me Christy. Like with a Y at the end.
Brawny: My mother said, you cannot name your youngest son Christy, Stacey. Don’t you remember what it was like in high school?
Brawny: So I was named Chris.

Aedora whispers: and i’m pretty sure that the feds can no longer bust people for pot crimes in pot-legal medical states
To Aedora: eh?
Aedora whispers: lol
Aedora whispers: mt
To Aedora: ah
Aedora whispers: that’s what i was just whispering, but i whispered the whole thing to Luxe on accident
Aedora whispers: damn it!
Aedora whispers: im too high to do this!

Sevryn: I’m getting a wierd bug. Everytime I die, I turn into a female angel. I get a message that says I’ve lost Patron status and gained Matron status. When I rez, I get it all over again, in reverse.
Sevryn: tons of spam
Sevryn dies.
Necrö: Initiating Sevryn Tranny Ritual.
Necrö: Your Harry Ballsack has been removed.

Xael: game faces! bitches!
Aedora: 😮
Aedora: is that a good game face?
Miorel: i thought that was the sex face
Aedora: naw, that’s :/

Evironrage: I have thought about it and decided you need to shut the hell up

Evironrage: ok i am done after this apparently
Evironrage: so says the woman of the house
Luxe: well trained
Evironrage: i want to get laid :p
Luxe: that’s our most effective training tool

Seasmoke: afk, frosty beverage
Seasmoke: back, and frosty
Aedora: brb, frosty beverage
Luxe: after aedora gets back, ill get my frosty beverage, then evi you can go
Seasmoke: damn sure glad i went first

Seasmoke: that was messy.
Evironrage: kind of like birth there
Evironrage: messy painful but exciting
Luxe: i think i wet myself
Seasmoke: i think i wet Luxe!

Evironrage: SOB MOFO*(&)(*&)(&!!!! I CANT FING OMG

Aedora: well, hell, i forgot to invite you.
Luxe: dick
Aedora: i was a dick. now im ok
Luxe: former dick
Aedora: reformed dick
Seasmoke: now you’re a pussy
Aedora: i cry
Luxe: pussy

Hotbish whispers: how much for a hand job?

Aedora: i got so scared my quest log came up

Aedora: i don’t remember much about this guy. he does some stuff
Aedora: and we do some stuff to not let him do it
Aedora: we all freak out for a while every now and then. i cant remember why
Aedora: and that’s about it. ready?

Luxe: Loken looks cool. Sitting there will his chin on his hands, tapping his fingers.
Aedora: he looks a little bored with us. i don’t think he’s properly scared.
Seasmoke: he should be tanked right on the anus, so that he gets the fuckin message
Luxe: i think he’s contemplating string theory and buxom viking blonde women who are 12 feet tall
Xael: i like the way you think
Xael: in fact, i like the way he thinks

Seasmoke: Those shoulders are ugly. like a turd covered in burnt hair
Aedora: if i ever drop a deuce looking like that, i’ll need anal reconstructive surgery and an exorcist

Aedora: Warsong Hold is pretty badass
Aedora: I feel the might of the horde when i am here
Aedora: Lok’tar, bitches

Seasmoke: the cooldown on my instant heal makes me very upset
Xael: you can always let a couple of the folks you like the least die so it gets easier
Seasmoke: hmmm
Luxe: Bye Aedora 🙁

Xael: fuck the raid, i want some monkey action!

Xael: i am going to start tonight’s raid with a little tune from Disturbed
Acabar: i am wearing a Disturbed t-shirt right now
Aedora: dude…
Aedora: seriously?
Acabar: seriously
Aedora: i could go rub my forehead with sandpaper, but i choose not to…because much like listening to Disturbed, it is very unpleasant

Scarn: i hate you Xael…I hate you with the passion of a thousand fiery suns

Tuefelhunden: i don’t know what the fuck. i spilled beer in my lap and now my mic doesn’t work

Brawnizzle: night yall, gonna go play with my chickens
Luxe: is “chickens” code for balls?
Aedora: he probably means chickens. if brawny were going to go play with himself, he would just say so. he’s shared far worse things with me before without my asking. far more than i care to know.

Tuefelhunden: had to unbutton pants to allow for beer to flow downward
Seasmoke: Tydrene is asking if we need dps for another instance, but i think we might be too trashed.
Aedora: we are not too trashed. he has obviously already seen how we operate
Luxe: i almost fell asleep on the floor just now

Luxe: sexy. slightly dirty
Scarn has come online.
Seasmoke: dirty. slightly sexy
Luxe: slightly, dirty sexy
Scarn: wow, that’s probably not the best part of the conversation to walk into
Luxe: i’m pretty sure that was as good as that conversation was gonna get


Jungos: it’s been miserable in your absence. they force me to take resto loot and sometimes elemental because i’m the only shaman. then they call me a loot whore and i cry myself to sleep.

Beastie: where is everyone. it’s like we have a recession in WoW
Jungos: maybe everyone sold their computers for food
Evironrage: fps for the poor?
Necrö: lets call Obama and see if he can YES HE CAN login and help out?

Scarn: OK! Double specced. time to figure out how the hell to play DPS
Grundom: just roll your face across the keyboard. That’s what Necro does.
Necrö: now i can use the same technique to tank

Luxe: many stairs in this building. the architect was a sadist
Viciousgrin: you getting tired?
Aedora: we are healthy!
Luxe: legs like bull

Ortholk has died.
Beauvoir: lost los
Viciousgrin: yeah, stay where we can see you Orth. don’t be a nub.
Ortholk: my mouse doesn’t always “respond”
Luxe: maybe you need a “new one”
Ortholk: it is new. it’s a problem common to this type of mouse
Viciousgrin: get a new different one
Ortholk: this is the only one with the button setup i like
Luxe: so you like the button setup, even though…they don’t actually function
Ortholk: 🙁 it mostly works
Luxe: 🙁 so you can mostly tank
Ortholk: it’s a nice mouse, other than the major malfunction
Viciousgrin: what kind is it. I need a mouse that fails more often

Viciousgrin: pull
Ortholk: luxe is afk
Viciousgrin: you sceered?
Ortholk: pfft
Ortholk has died.
Viciousgrin has died.
Seasmoke has died.
Luxe: wow, you guys wiped already. all i did was grab a bottle of water.
Ortholk: no we didn’t
Viciousgrin: shut it

Ortholk: wow, orcish girls have a very lascivious dance.
Viciousgrin: that’s a big word
Viciousgrin: big words make me mad.

Grundom: If I need an enchant, I can get it from Xael. He does it for free.
Tic: Ya but he makes you suck dick for it.
Luxe: technically, that’s not free.
Aedora: he makes you suck dick just for loggin on.
Aedora: maybe that’s just me, he says i got a purdy mouth.
Tic: he makes me suck dick and i don’t even logon.
Tic: he would call me at 5am and say, “you like that huh?”.

Grundom: Are any of you visiting family for Easter?
Aedora: I’ll probably visit the bottom of a few beer bottles

Shanatan: let’s turn out the lights and play “who’s in my mouth”

Nicoffeine: I ate the whole meteor. We were switching sides.
Sigarr: how did it taste? mine tasted nothing like the meatball it looked like.

Aedora whispers: i heretofore doeth betwequeth unt sayeth unto thee, “hello”.

Tuefelhunter: Point of Advice: don’t buy the Champagne that is sitting on the floor next to the checkout at Walmart-Liquor. I will have to finish the bottle alone… but from a Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. restaurant hurricane glass. check my neck, i think im dying.

Taurina: whew, that was a messy baby. idk about that whole letting-them-feed-themselves thing
Ejez: that’s what my friends say about me too so not necessarily just a baby thing
Ejez: and now i think i’ve said too much
Taurina: but how hard can it be. eat…swallow….drink….swallow
Xael: i’ll respond after i get a towel

Necrö: who do i have to fuck to be promoted to raider?
Xael: take it to whispers
Xael: (with me)
Xael has promoted Necrö to Raider.
Sina: wow, that was fast
Necrö: totally. wham bam raider necro
Xael: he’s incredible in tells

Xael: You can always replace me
Aedora: You’re irreplaceable
Aedora: Except by another level 80 healer

Xael: i will now begin the invitation process for tonight’s raid
Xael: if you want to participate, please whisper me something with sexual overtones
Xael: Turpid and Nutz, you have to re-whisper with sexual overtones, that was totally fail on your parts
Xael: that was better Turpid
Xael: Nutz, work on that. that could get us both arrested
Xael: SEXUAL whispers ONLY!
Xael: telling me to eff myself no longer counts

Killbilly: my ballsack is huge. My GF says it’s the biggest she’s ever seen and apparently she’s seen alot
Necrö: longballs. it happens
Grundom: Is your GF an Urologist?
Necrö: possibly an amateur ball sack admirer
Killbilly: no, she’s just a whore

Killbilly: who’s forking out the dough for my mount?
Xael: i’ll pitch in for sure. i have 1g with your name on it. as a matter of fact, when i look at said coin it says “Whore”

Xael: i love you guys
Xael: im going to go to bed with thoughts of loving you
Xael: physically

Seasmoke: New weapon! im brimming with excitement!
Seasmoke: BRIMMING!

Patch: what happened last night?
Necrö: wicked argument between pho and sev .. it was epic
Necrö: i was just reading, laughing, crying, and smearing maple syrup all over myself

Aedora whispers: me es mucho bejor
To Aedora: bejor?
Aedora whispers: better? i don’t know how to say it. who cares. spanish is a fake language anyway. everyone in spain knows they don’t know what the fuck they are saying
Rippjack has come online.
Xael: Riiiiiiipppppjjjjjaccccckkkkkkkk
To Aedora: did you see that?
To Aedora: kkkkkkk?
To Aedora: how do you draw out a letter like k
To Aedora: impossible
To Aedora: i think it would be more like: Riiiiiiiipjaaaaaaaack
To Aedora: or maybe Rrrrrriiiiiiipjaaaaaaaack
To Aedora: but either way, i must take umbrage with Xael’s spelling
Aedora whispers: the closest is to draw out the soft part and make a white noise sound
Aedora whispers: unless you say kuh kuh kuh a bunch of times at the the end
To Aedora: Rrrrriiiiiipuhpuhpuhjuhjuhjuhaaaaakuhkuhkuh
To Aedora: that’s really what he’s saying, let’s be honest.
Aedora whispers: that’s difficult to say
To Aedora: i don’t think anyone would. thus proving my point
Aedora whispers: a stutterer would say it just like that
To Aedora: stuttering is a fake disease
To Aedora: if someone with a fake stuttering disease were to speak in a fake language like spanish, would they actually make a sound?
Aedora whispers: well uh…
To Aedora: and what if they were in a forest and fell over? would you hear them?
Aedora whispers: false?

Luxe has earned the achievement Fistful of Love!
Grundom: You fisted all of those people?
Grundom: Fisted with Love I mean
Luxe: very loving fisting
Seasmoke: Luxe = frequent hand washer

Xael: Hi Miru. We need a dps for heroic VH, which means you.
Xael: so come on. 30 mins of thrill ride
Xael: never knowing what’s around the next turn!
Mirubelle: I bet it’s the first time you’ve ever been able to promise that long of a thrill ride, ever.
Xael: i don’t bother usually. if it’s gonna take more than 5 minutes, i lose interest.

To Aedora: oy. i just got my ass handed to me by a rogue in wintergrasp
Aedora whispers: at least he returned your ass to you
To Aedora: that’s true…

To Aedora: i tell you what
Aedora whispers: i tell you when
To Aedora: are you pickin up what im puttin down?
Aedora whispers: are you seeing this thing?
To Aedora: does this make me look fat?
Aedora whispers: do you think this is a rash?
To Aedora: i want my baby back baby back baby back ribs
Aedora whispers: hot pockets!

Aedora receives loot: Rubicund Scale x5.
Aedora: i don’t usually like scales, but these are rubicund, so i’ll take them

Agsded: Anyone wanna come help me kill this godforsaken motherfucker goddamn gimp ass rogue?

Aedora: where we’re going, we don’t need wheels
Bogora: Back to the Future ftw … except it’s roads, isn’t it?
Aedora: never, ever correct me

To Aedora: aaaawe yeah! my ultimate goal in life. 5 Coins of Ancestry!
Aedora whispers: i think you’re lying
To Aedora: are you questioning my truthiness?
Aedora whispers: no no. i merely assert your dishonestyhood
To Aedora: i feel a bit of offendication
~1 minute later …
Aedora whispers: gimme a minute, i’ll think of something fer sure

Toksicity: girls just wanna have fun!
Buniluv: Girls just wanna drink cum?
Toksicity: I just threw up in my mouth a little!

Pastry: I’ll only fuck someone if they look decent and smell good
Veldrane: Correction, you’ll only fuck me, your husband
Pastry: You may be my husband, but it’s hard to get you to put out
Veldrane: I’ll put out as soon as you cultivate the fields

Pastry: holy jesus in buttfuckery
Pastry: jono i’m going to fingerbang your knee

Aedora: whoa
Seasmoke: holy craaaaaaaap
Seasmoke: i make poopie
Aedora: that’s a long fall
Aedora: hey Luxe, i just led Seasmoke and i off a cliff
Aedora: i was just typing away and then i land and i’m embarrassed and i look at the chat bar and it reads “Seasmoke has died.”
Aedora: i knew i had killed us both

Aedora whispers: i was raping things in that zone
Aedora whispers: raping!
Aedora whispers: i could have just killed, but i didnt think that was enough

Aedora: what a painfully circuitous flight path
Aedora: i just went through kamagua. that’s like stopping through dallas on your way to seattle from reno
Aedora: id like to get off the flight now

Aedora: DK class is so powerful
Aedora: ult would have died long ago fighting these things
Aedora has died.
Aedora: that didn’t count, i don’t know what happened there.
Aedora: i think there was a dragon attacking me

Sacre: we are ripping through this zone.
Sacre: Dks are monsters. we even walk on water. i think i may be Jesus
Aedora: as far as i know, death knights cannot be killed
Sacre: uh…i remember it meant something when the boss does that focus thing, but we seem to be doing fine so apparently it doesn’t matter when you’re Jesus

Seasmoke: oops
Luxe: wow. impressive strategy. ive never seen anyone flee a fight of 2 skeles by running into 8 more
Seasmoke: backing out slowly didn’t seem to help there
Luxe: pulling out is not a perfect form of death control. you need some kind of ass kicking prophalactic
Luxe: HAHAHA. shit, i am funny. did you catch what i did there?
Seasmoke: lol u said shit!

Aedora: these guys are strong, like bull
Aedora: i farted and lit a match
Aedora: that whole section of the room is destroyed

1. General Gutspill: I’m gunna find you healers and when i do
1. General Gutspill: im gunna invite you so hard

Seasmoke: and you shall be the mitey aedora. and you shall speak words from movies for which no one can gain reference

Luxe: sweet! we made it! Seasmoke and i in one piece, aedora just a little chewed on
Aedora: i looked like the piece of steak fat you had to eventually pull out of your mouth and discreetly place on your plate
Seasmoke: for us it would be the one leaf on your artichoke heart that is WAY to fibrous to consume
Luxe: ah yes. vegan humor. gets them every time
Aedora: i picture you saying that in a girl voice, Seasmoke
Seasmoke: o yeah
Seasmoke: i just said that in my mind with the kool aid voice

Luxe: that’s a nice looking weapon. I should have ninja’d it
Aedora: i know, i’m gonna use this bitch way passed it usefulness

Mooaknight: i have taken a small sized rockpile in the dragonblight into my possession! it shall be the first building block for my empire! mootopia!

Kickingbird: I’m going to go build a cup of coffee
Andypanda: Build? Are you making it out of legos?

Kyvia: /t Zarafiel Then I would rub you down with vanilla KY and give you a tongue bath, minding to lick between your toes how you like.
Zarafiel: /DUEL

Phoenyks: im out of coffee…. /wrists

Sukii: Icy Veins now back off
Serger: they gave you that so you could make water faster

Message of the Day: Tony Stark built this guild in a Cave, using SCRAPS!

Kenjii: you sure drink a lot. like aussies.
Jayskrilla: yall wanna adopt me?
Kenjii: sure. but we don’t say yall. you will need to come to terms with that.

Strabo: how much do i owe you?
Evironrage: nothing
Evironrage: get that out of there
Strabo: no
Evironrage: i dont have time to discuss it
Strabo: take it whore

Xael: i did Pee Vee Pee! and i owned face
Xael: when i wasn’t dead
Aedora: there were faces that belonged to others, but now they have to pay rent on them, as Xael has taken the lease.

Strabo: now this is better. everyone else is alive and Xael is dead.

Ornithoid: And I said unto Jayskrilla: Noob! And the guild saw that it was good.

Welcome to Hellfire Citadel: Ramparts.
Aedora drops a little deuce in fear.
Aedora: I feel overwhelmed. This cannot be done.
Aedora: I’m loggin.

Jaeleth: put on your heal gear
Spliffy: this is my heal gear… dick

Aedora: the quality of Xael’s dps has always been salvation army

Dejavu receives loot: Ambusher’s Cloak of Strength.
Spliffy: wtf man????
Dejavu recieves loot: Adamantite Ore
Spliffy: jesus freakin’ christ and you took my ore too???
Spliffy: way to fuck yourself out of a heal bitch

Aedora: Let’s kick some ass, parapalegic style.

Pisces: I’ve been leveling my baby priest, but i keep forgetting i’m the healer.
Pisces: then people start dying, and i’m like, where are the fucking heals, man?

Seijo: Blood Elf racial should be an ability to teleport yourself on top of the nearest mailbox to make an ass of yourself

Luxe: Holy! … That scared the bejeezus outa me.
Kyletheolder: same
Kyletheolder: only… not bejeezus

Seasmoke: Sorry I didn’t see that dragoon and then I blew your sheep
Luxe: gross
Seasmoke: It’s only gross the first time
Luxe: I’m pretty sure its gross every time

Seasmoke: eh …hem … mages SUCK at healing. Do you remember that time when I almost died and I was like “HEAL ME!” and you didnt?!

Fredrickus: never been this deep before
Sergio: you need more + penetration gear

Aedora: Hey Luxe, Xael called me a momma’s boy today. If it wasn’t true I woulda been pissed.
Aedora: So instead I went to mom’s house.

Demonclaw: Oh, I just had to log back in and thank you Xael for the father’s day flowers. I didn’t think you knew about me and your mom.

Aedora: Fuck that quest, fuck it right in its sandy butthole.
Luxe: I hate everything! asdjq8743y80r9q3y4cqweifmcu0q984urmv
Aedora: I will decipher this code and get back to you.
Luxe: This quest blows. I’m tuckered out and my ass hurts from sitting all day.
Luxe: So I think I’ll go sit some more on the couch and watch TV.
Luxe: And then I’ll just turn into one big butt cheek. People will come over to the house and say, “WTF is that?” And Chris will have to explain: “That’s just my wife. She sat herself into oblivion.”

Aedora: Ohhhh, how the tiredness does cut, it cuts like a knife, but it feels so right
Aedora: I took Uldaman for granted, but how was I to know?

Seasmoke: Sorry guys, almost had him, but I’m only 22% immune to ass kickings.
Luxe: I’m almost 10% sure we could have killed him with rocks.

Huntix: You built a camp fire?
Sergio: Spirit buff
Sergio: I’ve seen it save entire raids

Pisces: Mage dagger damage on magic immune skeles = miss, miss, 2, miss, dodge, miss, miss, 3, miss, dodge, 7 (woohoo!), miss, miss, etc

Ekbalaam: bb in about 10 min, making a milk shake
Pipe: code for pron
Rauck: hardpore corn
Pipe: some pinky corn

Seasmoke: well i have skills a mount and can wear plate now .. and it appears i have shit myself

Seasmoke: the green pants look cooler
Luxe: people will be more impressed by the blue when they peek up your dress
Seasmoke: I think they will be most impressed by the size of my balls when they look up my dress

Aedora: you are looking pretty sexy, andy
Aedora: may i make love to you? I’ll play stevie wonder, songs in the key of life

Aedora whispers: you already in molten core? Is it hot with your tiny fire resist?

Sergio: A Chuck Norris-delivered Roundhouse Kick is the preferred method of execution in 16 states

Aedora: i may not have known the fuck i was doing there.
Aedora: many things were hit.

Sergio: about 5 more bubbles and i shall be more powerful than you can possibly imagine.

Aedora: Fly high against the sky, Xael! So high you almost touch the sky.
Aedora: Thank me, thank me, thank god for me.
Xael: did you ever know that you’re my heeeeeeero?
Aedora: You can fly higher than an eagle, because I am the wind beneath your wings.
Aedora: FLY!!!!!….FLY!!!!….

Sergio: Of course, i’ll encourage this addiction by putting chemicals in my food, such as monosodium glutamate…and my TV commercials will be crafted to psychologically effect people, making them hungry and wanting to come to my warp-burger serving fast food chain. I’ll be rich!
Stonecow: rich adamantite deposits make me so happy in the pants
Sergio: Kids who’ll get addicted to my food, grow up eating it, will teach their kids to eat it as well.
Stonecow: You sound like the evil bunny from hoodwinked
Sergio: And you sound like you found my rich adamantite node, which i lost earlier in Nagrand. Just mail me whatever you found in it, and thanks for your courtesy!

Luxe: It appears that at some point, I gave the rogue Intellect.
Aedora: That’s why I’ve been contemplating string theory. I was wondering wtf was going on.

Seasmoke: These next guys suck in a firey burning style. If I remember correctly, we’ll wipe twice on them.
~ 2 minutes later…
Huntix: Yeah, did i mention i hate these guys
Luxe: It would help if Rickyy didn’t keep going LD.
Sergio: Verizon crits you for 19,384 damage. You die.
Seasmoke: I’m switching my cell service to ATT tomorrow.
Sergio: If warriors could wear some kind of concrete reinforced plate I’d be alive.
Luxe: Because you’d never be able to walk out of your house

Aedora: Look at me, I’m the only man in this group. Bunch of women and one feminine little BE.
Aedora: Hell knows where the testosterone is.
Aedora: I demand first rez.

Seasmoke: I spec’d so hard into prot I lost res!
Seasmoke: it’s a shitstorm of buff confusion

Luxe: Sea, you ran right into him
Seasmoke: at least i wasn’t running away!
Seijo: ankles. grab. now
Chilam: I think i wet myself. Am i in a puddle?

Seasmoke: You know i just noticed how EPIC my new flying mount is…
Xael: ass
Seasmoke: EPIC ASS
Seasmoke: I experience assness at +280%, +340 with crusader assness

Aedora whispers: i totally soloed vancleef just now

Sleepwalkr: do tou want me to dypo group
Xael: wtf is dypo
Xael: and wtf is tou
Sleepwalkr: yoi

Xael: click this thing, stop staring at my butt
Seasmoke: orc butt … amazing

Sergio: I think communism doesn’t work

Vazruden yells: Is there no one left to test me?
Aedora: he said that as i was fleeing beside him
Aedora: it’s like, i’m right here dude.
Aedora: guess i was no test for him.

Aedora: I’m having a fridge delivered today for nothing but beer. If you want to express your jealousy, now is the time.