Scarabae Calliste, Wood Elf Ranger, Sphere of Transcendence Guild, EverQuest

Quato tells you, ‘is this raid going smoother than normal or is it just me?’
Quato goes into a berserker frenzy!
Quato has died.
Quato tells you, ‘hahahahaha’

Trikki tells the guild, ‘run’
Ailnydar tells the guild, ‘NO ONE IS TO CALL RUN BUT OFFICERS’
Daide tells you, ‘i bet officers wish they had letters bigger than Caps’
You told Trikki, ‘call run again next wave, triple dog dare you’
Trikki tells the guild, ‘RUN!’
Trikki tells the guild, ‘sorry its a hot key :(‘

Enourmous tells the guild, ‘Right and Left flanks engage, relish is confirmed and waiting to be eaten – Over’
Haak tells the guild, ‘Left wing commander bringing in the dog with no leash, repeat, no leash – over’
Sert tells the group, ‘Why do we have to use these Goddamn Walkie Talkies? – Over’

Orgrimm tells the guild, ‘**ATTENTION** as of Tuesday, August 03, 1004 20:46:50 there are 73 (seventy three) Sphere of Transcendence members in the Plane of Time — stay tuned for updates!’
Orgrimm tells the guild, ‘shit, wrong guild channel…disregard’

Buzcam tells you, ‘i need to learn to just shut up and suck dick’
You tell Buzcam, ‘helps with the gag reflex’

Kinens tells the guild, ‘i ruined red’
Kinens tells the guild, ‘i made her un pure’
Warfrost tells the guild, ‘that far from ruined her’

Agmyles tells the guild, ‘WHY IN THE FUCK I HAVE TO BEG FOR A FUCKING TL!’
Tarnek tells the guild, ‘STFU ELNOO! *throws a chair*’
Baltyn tells the guild, ‘STFU Prae *This is a hotkey*’
Dalphania tells the guild, ‘myles, please carry 1000 peridots, 98798123 opals, 179823 fragments and your visa card…cause in this guild, the buffing classes dont take american express’

Deuc tells the guild, ‘Tells for Chanter Thingies’
Tinanea tells the guild, ‘is there such a thing as Chanter Thingies?’
You say to your guild, ‘i beleive the correct term is thingamajig’
Dalphania tells the guild, ‘or jiggalaboobs’
Tinanea tells the guild, ‘maybe Deuc has a thingamabob’
Dalphania tells the guild, ‘or a bobamajenga’
You say to your guild, ‘i think that’s pushing it’

Olandis tells the guild, ‘hey Canada, you wanna stop playin hockey and start pullin some mobs?’
Lethdar tells the guild, ‘hockey season is out olandis!’
Khazzel tells the guild, ‘you have to say it in his native tongue…hey hoser stop playin the hockey eh and pull us a mob eh’
Olandis tells the guild, ‘whats this no pullin all aboot eh?’
Lethdar tells the guild, ‘canadian tongue doesn’t even exist except in the minds of americans’
Beeafraid tells the guild, ‘you dont have tongues?’
Cherak tells you, ‘women in the north unhappy down south’

Siludorf tells the guild, ‘spent $60 so i could raid tonight (dinner for gf)’
Tuberosity tells the guild, ‘thats alot of taco bell man’

Belze tells you, ‘choked chicken?’
You told Belze, ‘sounds like animal cruelty’

Bojac tells the guild, ‘Can we get some warning next time on the incoming?’
Dalphania tells the guild, ‘ok bojac, but the warning will be coded in ancient hebrew’

Celeus tells the guild, ‘anyone that doesn’t not have time access OTM to natimbi to’
Celeus tells the guild, ‘anyone not at that does not have time access needs to OTM to natimbi to’
Celeus tells the guild, ‘err’
You told Orgrimm, ‘I present to you, sir, our new guild leader.’
Orgrimm tells you, ‘madam, i believe we are fucked’

Celeus tells the guild, ‘ok forget what i just said, what gonna happen is this’
Celeus tells the guild, ‘the MA is gonna tank til about 94 percent’
Celeus tells the guild, ‘then the off tank… mezzer.. ‘
Celeus tells the guild, ‘sorry, 6 percent, not 94…’
Graelmon tells you, ‘and the cryptic typing continues’

Deuc tells the guild, ‘I know that by the time I had emptied my bladder on the floor I was magically transported to my bind spot….prolly a sploit we could use’

Quater tells the guild, ‘god i hate having a huge cock’
Quater tells the guild, ‘yes yes ladies….its true…im going into the doctor to have them reduce my weiner size…so plz understand…i cant be bugged no more’
Quater tells the guild, ‘im very happy’
Quater tells the guild, ‘gayest man ever!’
Quater tells the guild, ‘OK STAND BACK PPL IM GOING TO SOLO’

You show Ardemus the love.
Ardemus tells you, ‘i didnt want the love, i wanted WILD MONkey JUNGLE SEXXOR’
You told Ardemus, ‘i only sexxor freshly washed wild jungle monkeys. are you clean as a daisy?’
Quato tells you, ‘hahahah Arde just asked me if most women ask you to shower first’
Quato tells you, ‘i told him NO but give her what she wants’

Sappy tells the guild, ‘WTB a new expansion that isn’t shit’

Sorcha tells the guild, ‘cant…breath……tooo…much… Testosterone’
Gneaus tells the guild, ‘swallow’

Sappy tells the guild, ‘Scara, when are you gonna update the news page?’
You say to your guild, ‘No news until you useless bastards actually kill something newsworthy!’
Sappy tells the guild, ‘we killed half the guild yesterday after server crashed!’

Olandis tells the guild, ‘scara, dont they have cream for swollen glands?’
You say to your guild, ‘if you need cream, you ain’t doin it right’
Olandis assumes an offensive sexual position on armfield’s mother.
Olandis tells you, ‘violence seems to be the only logical answer’

Orgrimm tells the group, ‘everything is mezzed in this room! i rule!’
Orgrimm tells the group, ‘i am the king!’
A Frostfoot archpriest has been awakened by Olandis.
Olandis tells the group, ‘sorry, i’ve been banned since kunark came out, i dont know what’s going on’
Olandis assumes a defensive fighting style…..bitches.

Kinens tells the guild, ‘i dont want my boys like me’
Sorcha tells the guild, ‘given they have your genes Kinens…Id go with a Speak N Spell right away’

Malkaven tells the guild, ‘whats the best way to get a cd drive to read a scratched up cd’
Quato tells the guild, ‘polish it with toothpaste’
Malkaven tells the guild, ‘toothpaste works?’
Quato tells the guild, ‘yes’
Eriol tells the guild, ‘seriously toothpaste does work’
Malkaven tells the guild, ‘do i just smear it on and wipe it off?’
Quato tells the guild, ‘use it like a polish’
Malkaven tells the guild, ‘i got toothpaste on my cd, do i water it down?’
Tuberosity tells the guild, ‘crest or colgate?’
Malkaven tells the guild, ‘i think its crest’
Ailnydar tells the guild, ‘toothpaste is malks secret code for spunk’
Tuberosity tells the guild, ‘note to self…if ever visiting malk do not ask to use the toothpaste’

Dazzler tells the guild, ‘I can only cyber so many chicks at once :(‘
Orgrimm tells the guild, ‘shut up whore, where’s my money?!’

Buzcam tells the guild, ‘bathroom was dark…ended up pissing on myself’

Dardolan tells the guild, ‘reb is talking to me about his dinger’
Leni tells the guild, ‘short story i bet’

Orgrimm was not successful in making Grandmaster Jeweler’s Eyeglass.
Orgrimm tells the group, ‘FUCK THIS SHIT’

Aqtwilight tells the guild, ‘I AM GAY!’
Dalphania tells the guild, ‘that was unexpected’
Swallx tells the guild, ‘not really’

Armfield tells the guild, ‘Twiggz went to Mexico to watch cockfighting, and found out it wasn’t 2 men, and went home all pissed off’
Twiggz tells the guild, ‘fuck off’
Twiggz tells the guild, ‘fuck you all’
Twiggz tells the guild, ‘you can fuck off and die’
Twiggz tells the guild, ‘<==doesn’t give a fuck’

Dardolan tells the guild, ‘all of you stfu’
Dardolan tells the guild, ‘sluts’
Dardolan tells the guild, ‘ /remove’

Jacek tells the guild, ‘Thank you Gori for letting me see your th th thon thon thong’

Agmyles says, ‘Nice ass buz’
Buzcam says, ‘you should see my pecker’

Rolfgar tells the guild, ‘How did Ash do playing my shaman?’
You say to your guild, ‘He tried to cyber me repeatedly and kept saying over and over, I AM A SHAMAN GOD’
You say to your guild, ‘I think I am pregnant with your bastard love child’
Rolfgar tells the guild, ‘It will grow up to be strong and have only one eye’
You say to your guild, ‘It was the one eye that was my final undoing. I couldn’t resist that cyclopian stare’
Rolfgar tells the guild, ‘Shiiiit woman, why didnt you say so. I bet you get chills everytime you see me and Friday’
Rolfgar tells the guild, ‘You see…A long time ago Friday and I were in Permafrost, and we hear this shout in the zone, “VOX and 3 ice giants incoming”. So I solo Vox, while Friday takes the Giants. And we each got scratched in the eye by the girly people. Thus, we have only one eye’
You say to your guild, ‘Fascinating. I shall be sure to pass along this morsel of history to our strong, proud, red-headed half-breed progeny.’

Sappy says, ‘Confucious say, Passionate kiss is like spider’s web, lead to undoing of fly’

Rebaljr tells the guild, ‘can i come?’
Sistah tells the guild, ‘yep yep, come along ;)’
Rebaljr tells you, ‘I am not actually going to go’
Rebaljr tells the guild, ‘still time to get there?’
Lyynx tells the guild, ‘yeah’
Rebaljr tells you, ‘i want them to think i am’
Kayler tells the guild, ‘yes reb!’
Siludorf tells the guild, ‘rebal still on the way?’
Rebaljr tells you, ‘lol’
Rebaljr tells the guild, ‘yah i am lost in plane of time’

Krabalis tells the guild, ‘my cousin is coming to live with me for a month :(‘
Kinens tells the guild, ‘tell her to come to iowa’
Krabalis tells the guild, ‘shes 12 pasty, you fookin pedophile!’
Kinens tells the guild, ‘o sorry, tell her no then’
Kinens tells the guild, ‘damn 12 year olds’

Kinens tells the guild, ‘I am not a doctor or anything, but thats just crap’

Kinens tells you, ‘i will poke your perker’

Leni says, ‘lick me and you will get high’

Orgrimm tells the guild, ‘your weiner is so plump and firm, the weiners im used to are always wrinkled and grey’

Psychoo tells the guild, ‘you guys bitch more than my GF’
Crovax tells the guild, ‘she wouldnt bitch if her mouth was full’
Sorcha tells the guild, ‘we still find ways’
Farescale tells the guild, ‘hand signals’

Dardolan tells you, ‘I gotta poop’
Dardolan tells you, ‘satan driving a chevy out my ass on fire’
Dardolan tells you, ‘like a volcano from my colon’

Kinder tells you, ‘Yes…all your flirtations…balanced’
Kinder tells you, ‘Just imagine all those piccadilos’
Kinder tells you, ‘All your indiscretions’
Kinder tells you, ‘Hold them in your mind’
Kinder tells you, ‘All those instances you know would drive me crazy with jealousy…’
Kinder tells you, ‘MY GOD aren’t you glad I remain ignorant?!’

Kinder tells the group, ‘We are on US time, so all 3 of us are going to sleep’
Kinder tells the group, ‘Not together’

Kinens tells sphereoffs:1, ‘my 8 year old got in trouble at the pool today’
Kinens tells sphereoffs:1, ‘he was sending other boys to go ask girls if they want to go to bed’
You tell sphereoffs:1, ‘I dont understand where he’s getting it, lord knows his father never taught him how to get girls’

You told Belze, ‘HAAAARRRR’
Belze tells you, ‘not so hard, you’re going to poke a hole in my keyboard’

Dazzler tells the guild, ‘afk for 2 days’
Gokuu tells you, ‘he was kidding, im almost 10% sure.’

Gneaus tells the guild, ‘man who has sex in graveyard fucking near dead’

Gorignak tells the guild, ‘ya true, but even if we do get the ducks that drunk, where are we leiderhosen?’

Graelmon tells you, ‘try to stay in the middle of the raid, that way others will die’

You told Graelmon, ‘get a cup of hot tea and go meditate or some shit’
Graelmon tells you, ‘i think you misspelled masturbate’

Dardolan tells the group, ‘loot your body somewhere else pharmdoc, you are leeching xp’
Dardolan tells you, ‘xp’ing makes me angry’

Olandis tells you, ‘AFK Message: have to pee in the sink that wont be mine in a week. wurd to ya mutha’

Puncha tells the guild, ‘hey is Glassy Frog Eye worth 4k?’
Buzcam tells the guild, ‘probably to a Glassy Frog’

Praemus tells the guild, ‘a brown bear and a white rabbit are side by side in da woods takin a shit together.. bear looks over and says dont u hate it when shit stick to yer fur…rabbit goes…shit doesnt stick to mah fur…so the bear wiped his ass with the rabbit’
Buzcam tells the guild, ‘but if the shit did not stick to the rabbit how would it wipe any shit off the bear?’
Praemus smacks the shit outta Buzcam.
Buzcam is like the rabbit, no shit on him.
Devaron says, ‘but the stench is still there buz’
Buzcam says, ‘thats the smell of yo momma’

–Sappy has looted a Elemental Leather Glove Pattern.–
Buzcam tells the group, ‘grats sappy for awhile it will feel like someone else is whacking you off’

Gneaus tells you, ‘how can you tell if a man is well hung?’
Gneaus tells you, ‘you can barely get your fingers between his neck and the rope’

Buzcam tells the guild, ‘best fortune cookie i ever got “Two proposals come your way. The dark one loves you best”. Scared the bejesus out of me’

Buzcam tells the guild, ‘I live in a very waspy upper middle class suburb and i was at the car delaership today and there was this lady there getting her car…white, about 40, bad makeup…and she used the phrase, “I’ve lived here in the hood all my life” …well i lost it’

Buzcam tells the guild, ‘The mayor of New York has yet to respond to my emails’

Snowfoot tells the guild, ‘hmmm my bar frdige has kokanee, labatts blue, labatts lite, moosehead and coors lite. what shall i have…’
Buzcam tells the guild, ‘coors lite, tho thats alot of shitty beer for one fridge’

Buzcam tells the guild, ‘woooo got the elvis / neil diamond / tom jones cd random shuffle on!’

Olandis tells the guild, ‘i dont wanna sound like a queer or anything, but buzcam has a sweet ass!’
Buzcam tells the guild, ‘i dont want to sound like a queer or anything but Olandis sucks a mean cock’

Aeno tells you, ‘I tried to cyber for like the first time in 2 weeks yesterday’
Aeno tells you, ‘and my roomate walks in, but he didn’t know because i had a blanket over me’
Aeno tells you, ‘then he told me he needed me to take something down the hall and sat at his desk for 15 minutes’
Aeno tells you, ‘so i had my pants around my ankles with a blanket covering me, and THEN…3 of his friends walk in and they hang out for 5 minutes’
Aeno tells you, ‘now im scared…never gonna touch myself again’

Armfield tells the guild, ‘Have to kill all spiders to spawn it?’
Sythevicious tells the guild, ‘I think so’
Gargant tells the guild, ‘We need to be in the corners. NE NW SE SW’
Brittae tells the guild, ‘There are at least 4 groups on the East side … Or are you talking about a 5th side?’
Gargant tells the guild, ‘5th? Isn’t it a square?’
Agmyles tells the guild, ‘Have we done this before?’
Sythevicious tells the guild, ‘This is where i wish somebody who knows what they are doing (cuz it’s not me) guided groups to the corners =(‘

Deadlyblade tells the guild, ‘i love cock with mayonaise’

Puncha tells the guild, ‘The hard on is on!’

Kaleadar tells the guild, ‘lame!!! first time i heal all night, i die’

Rebaljr tells you, ‘when everyone started dying i thought to myself, oh shit i bet i was the main tank’
Kinens tells sphereoffs:2, ‘what happened’
Puncha tells sphereoffs:2, ‘get aggro ya saq!’
Jacek tells sphereoffs:2, ‘rebs sucks’
Kinens tells sphereoffs:2, ‘was a big pause’
Rebaljr tells sphereoffs:2, ‘i had to get my Laundry!’

Armfield tells the guild, ‘i like the pre pubescent boys’
You say to your guild, ‘common knowledge’

Orgrimm tells you, ‘would you like to join me for a romantic candle-lit frosted mini wheats dinner?’

Praemus tells the guild, ‘yo..i ain’t sayin arm is ghey or anything..its just that i dont know any other guy who wears their own ankles as earrings’

Psychoo tells the guild, ‘i tank tz with 8 clerics for you ungrateful fucks and im the one left over without a group now’
Buzcam tells the guild, ‘BOOOOOFUCKINGHOOOO! use that as justification to quit’

Sappy explodes in a cloud of asses.

Kinens tells the guild, ‘dirty bard talk to me trikki’
Trikki tells the guild, ‘clear guild chat kinens’

Twiggz tells the guild, ‘wa la bearded clam!’

Firesael says, ‘Trikki + Sorcha = $100 well spent’
Trikki says, ‘Longest 30 seconds of my life though’

Gneaus tells the guild, ‘man who has sex in grass has piece on earth’

Knip tells the guild, ‘wife faction at dubious since 1999’

Lazrious tells you, ‘I was having sex with this girl the other day, and I thought to myself, damn did I leave the coffee machine on at home’
Lazrious tells you, ‘weird eh?’
Lazrious tells you, ‘ok that isn’t true’

Vinre tells the group, ‘if i had a penis i would lock it in a box and laugh at it’

Cossak tells the guild, ‘Klaena died so fast, I didn’t even have time to whipe the lube off my hand and hit my hot key’

Sythevicious tells the guild, ‘I’d have probie rangers track down Scara’s G-Spot but I want them to finish their probation alive’

Dazzler tells the guild, ‘any hole is a goal!’

Khazzel tells the guild, ‘you aint never heard a pig squeal til you get the candle too close and the wax hits her clit just a bit hotter than you intended’
Pigster tells the guild, ‘oink!?’
Brittae tells the guild, ‘the real reason why we failed that time…’
Xenoques tells the guild, ‘wiped due to wax’
Rebaljr tells the guild, ‘we must never speak of this night again’

Agmyles tells the guild, ‘Tallon Zek is holding something in his hand that resembles my ass, i think he wants to hand it to me’
Tarnek tells the guild, ‘Tallon Zek bellows at you, ‘Har har har puny Agmyles, do you [want your ass] back?’

Orgrimm tells you, ‘since it is higher than it used to be, one could assume that it went up…but then again, perhaps it went down, and then went up? but either way, plp went up, man’

Quater tells sotbards:2, ‘trikki’s butthole is like a cheerio! all dried out and…in need of some sugah’

Sythevicious tells sotrangers:1, ‘love those 8 point damage shots =( I should just take an arrow, run up to him, and stab him with it’

Warfrost says, ‘red smells like flowers!’
Kinens says, ‘trikki smells like dried sweat and sex’

Ailnydar tells the guild, ‘he dies pretty fast’
Zeremus tells the guild, ‘so do we’

Strahd says, ‘i see 4 heads and oh my, is that what i think it is?’
Gneaus tells the guild, ‘Scar & Sorcha vs 4 heads … talk about overkill’
Sorcha tells the guild, ‘ me and Scara….double dipping double team’

Dalphania tells you, ‘tickle tickle, here comes the pickle’

Gneaus tells the guild, ‘just pretend i’m a favorite puppy and keep your leg still Belze’

Sorcha tells the guild, ‘Wait, Im not sure all our clerics are tight’
Gneaus tells the guild, ‘Oh, I can say no with some authority on that’

Noco tells the guild, ‘ive played eq while running my computer from a car battery’

Olandis tells you, ‘and knowing is half the battle!….still not sure what the other half is…those sneaky motherfuckers’

Orgrimm tells you, ‘AFK Message: food is being found while i am trying to find food that needs to be found. the food will be found, using the process of finding, and once the finding process is complete, the food will be found. then i will put it back’

Sorcha tells the guild, ‘was a requirement of my sorority to keep your cherry in the freezer and have it availbale for our frat brothers to request at any time’
Warfrost tells the guild, ‘think its far too late for a cherry’

Sorcha tells the guild, ‘great another man that cant knock me up’
Kinens tells the guild, ‘come to iowa’
Dalphania tells the guild, ‘yeah go to iowa, so you can be disappointed in another state’

Zeremus tells the guild, ‘arde, special olympics called, they want their gold medal back’
Buzcam tells the guild, ‘thats funny and all but if they wanted the medal back would that not mean he was in fact not retarded?’

Ardemus tells the guild, ‘i wish this was a PVP server!’
Armfield tells the guild, ‘i’d whip your ass everytime i saw you’

Chanze tells the guild, ‘cel if i wanted any lip off you i would get it off my zipper’
Celeus tells the guild, ‘if i wanted any shit off you i would get a rubber from kinens’

Quater tells the guild, ‘WTF! my dog just looked at me, said “fuck you Quater…Im going to bed” and took off out the room’
Farescale tells the guild, ‘he called you quater?’
Muhnkie tells the guild, ‘lol, quater thinks of himself as quater in his head’

Recen tells you, ‘we have some unfinished business i tink.’
You tell Recen, ‘do you tink so?’

Rokanna tells you, ‘Heya Red how are you doing? :)’
You told Rokanna, ‘AFK Message: fu’
Rokanna tells you, ‘/moan /pant /giggles /moan hmmm AFK cyber messages’
You told Rokanna, ‘AFK Message: fu’
Rokanna tells you, ‘Oh your trying to tease me with your AFK’
You told Rokanna, ‘AFK Message: fu’
Rokanna tells you, ‘Hmmm playing hard to get are you, teasing me with the same message’

Belze begins to cast illusion: Sybian

Zaltak tells the guild, ‘Dalph has Bawls?’
Dalphania tells the guild, ‘dont talk with your mouth full zal’

Xenoques tells the guild, ‘Your jedi mind tricks dont work on me’
Gneaus tells the guild, ‘they dont work on other dumb animals either’

Kinens tells the guild, ‘i am the $$’
Katey tells the guild, ‘has to mean the dollars, cuz he has no sense’

Olandis tells the guild, ‘everytime those boots rot and kills a kitten and then masterbates’
Olandis tells you, ‘jesus christ’
Olandis tells you, ‘i fucked that up in a major way’

Kinens tells the guild, ‘wel;’kt=Ow4tiw’

Orgrimm tells the guild, ‘i hate it when the gerbils dont come out on their own’

Kinens tells the guild, ‘lol quato is wielding my little pony’
Daide tells the guild, ‘in a few minutes he’ll start to ride it around, smacking his own ass’

Sappy says, ‘the word of the day is legs…lets get together and spread the word’

Sorcha tells the guild, ‘thankfully having sex is NOT like plowing a field. Otherwise, most farmers would end up dropping a few seeds here and there on the first row and then hope the field plows itself the rest of the way’

Kayler tells the guild, ‘mission control, this is houston…we have a problem’
Beeafraid tells the guild, ‘ummm…mission control is houston’
Agmyles tells the guild, ‘fuck this raid, im taking this portal outta here’
Dardolan tells the group, ‘screw this, im backing out and afking’
Armfield tells the guild, ‘At this rate we’ll be doing emporer in 3 months!’
Ganni tells the guild, ‘SoT resorts to prayers…news at 11’

Buzcam tells the guild, ‘Praemus had the highest sperm count in the whole USA til he farted and lost half of it’

Sorcha tells the guild, ‘I was in bed reading Words of Allure and dreaming of you scara, tugging on the Silk String of my Robe of Benefits to release my Ripened Mango’s,’
Sorcha tells the guild, ‘All the while begging you to give me your Oak Shaft as you tie my hands with your Captor’s Silken Cord. Wanting your Chunk of Meat against my Swollen Flesh.’
Sorcha tells the guild, ‘Succumbing to your Words of Stimulation as you give me a Pearl Necklace from your Oily Goo Secretion’s.’

Vinre tells the group, ‘If i was a lesbian transvestite that was only attracted to men would that make me straight or gay?’

Xenoques tells the guild, ‘just remember that behind this toon, I am a fat balding 38 year old man’

Kaleadar tells the guild, ‘cocaine is a hell of a drug’

Rhaoll tells the group, ‘quick malk, we need morale status!’
Malkaven tells the group, ‘we’re running on fumes’

Rebaljr tells you, ‘did i tell you i went into officers channel after you logged’
Rebaljr tells you, ‘with a character named “invisiblespy”‘
Rebaljr tells you, ‘they sent me tells i had an afk message of “i am spying, you can’t see me”‘

Rokanna tells you, ‘on a high note….I saved $249 switching to Geico’

Armfield tells you, ‘as long as i have a face, you have a place to sit’

Buzcam tells the guild, ‘Prae, I would drive over to your house and kick your ass right now but I don’t want to get cum on my new shoes’

Buzcam tells you, ‘girls want to be like me and men want to be with me’

Kreoshin tells the guild, ‘dazz’s pants drop every time he goes into petco’

You told Graelmon, ‘am i gonna get a rez or should I just keep jerking off out here?’
Graelmon tells you, ‘is all you think about sex? why can’t we just hug? :(‘

Windeye tells the guild, ‘Our warriors did a great job of getting aggro first, all i see are their dead bodies’

Praemus tells the guild, ‘jeez…u guys just wait for me to say anything’
Armfield tells the guild, ‘Waiting for you to say nothing’

Buzcam tells the group, ‘you wear a dress’
Pharmdoc tells the group, ‘you said you liked it’
Buzcam tells the group, ‘just cuz i dont have to fumble with your belt no more’

Orgrimm tells the guild, ‘crikey, this crock is cranky!’

Leni tells the guild, ‘im so nervous and excited, not sure if i should breathe in a bag or rub my nipples’

Strahd says, ‘looking for a Little Box’
Strahd peers at Scarabae, looking her up and down.
Strahd says, ‘nope not there’


Agmyles tells the guild, ‘I will miss that huge ass hole’

Xillion tells sotldon:2, ‘i’m not that kind of magician…i’m a mathemagician’

Rebaljr tells you, ‘i signed up for yoga class so i could get my ankles behind by head just for you’
Rebaljr tells you, ‘sex seems like a good subject’
Rebaljr tells you, ‘let’s not change it’

Armfield tells the guild, ‘they gave you a stick of salami before you came over on the raft Praemus?’
You say to your guild, ‘salami pretty good on salad’
Praemus tells the guild, ‘red..i got jer special dressin right here babe’
Praemus tells the guild, ‘just gotta shake it till it comes out’
Olandis tells the guild, ‘or toss it in your case’
Agmyles tells the guild, ‘is that called a salad shooter?’
Praemus tells the guild, ‘its tangy..or so i’ve heard’
You say to your guild, ‘prae, a grown man should never volunteer info on the flavor of his own dressing’

Daarek tells the group, ‘go in sideways org’
Orgrimm tells the group, ‘…’

Kaleadar tells the guild, ‘it smells like sex in here’

Orgrimm tells you, ‘(its both)’
You told Orgrimm, ‘(no its not, you ignorant bastard)’
Orgrimm tells you, ‘(how dare you insult me in parenthesis!)’

Pennyphilcher tells the guild, ‘the only problem is, when you make crystal meth in your closet, all your clothes smell happy.’

Twiggz tells the guild, ‘i make a pretty ho’

Moglor tells the guild, ‘a stop is a stop!’
Agmyles tells the guild, ‘it gets confusing cause Scarabae tells you “don’t … stop … don’t … stop”‘

Orgrimm tells the guild, ‘my legs are open for business!’

Orgrimm tells you, ‘why don’t you come sit on my lap and we’ll talk about the first thing that pops up’

Quater tells the guild, ‘TAKE IT ALL OFF BABY!’
Numarye tells the guild, ‘Q she would, but she’d just get cold while you try to read the instructions on what to do’

Yasp tells the guild, ‘sorry havn’t been on… been having too much sex.’
Warfrost tells the guild, ‘that explains the mad cow thing’

Firesael tells the guild, ‘Wait wait Balt, you got drunk with a 10 inch rubber dildo?………’
Dalphania tells the guild, ‘Really, what the hell are you doing running around the house with a dildo hanging out of your ass?’
Gneaus tells the guild, ‘he was trying to fish the gerbil out’

You say, ‘I haven’t seen my virginity in years’
Sythevicious says, ‘think its buried in a pyramid =b’

Baltyn tells the guild, ‘you all look the friggin same when i look down at the top of yer heads’

Agmyles tells the guild, ‘Red that aint my arm!’
You say to your guild, ‘its huge!’
Agmyles tells the guild, ‘its a bit swollen yes’
Strahd tells the guild, ‘hes a friggin tripod’

Brittae Why?
Brittae Mmmmmm
Brittae See!
Brittae eh?

Belze tells the guild, ‘scara is an aussie?’
Ardemus tells the guild, ‘she lives in the bush!’

Graelmon tells you, ‘i had salad today!’
Graelmon tells you, ‘and it tasted like ass’

Sorcha pulls out her Crow Footed dildo
Sorcha buttons up her pants

Agmyles tells the guild, ‘this fight is like an orc pawn, but much harder’

Lazrious tells you, ‘I ian ciunt on yoe not take afvantage of me jighfl? =g’

Kayler tells the guild, ‘tiberians mom MA’
Tiberian tells the guild, ‘dude, my moms dead…’
Corenth tells the guild, ‘guess she couldnt tank that well sorry bro’

Yasp tells the guild, ‘I was initiating genitalic stimulation via phallengetic motion.’

Graelmon tells the group, ‘my wrist is starting to hurt :(‘
Warfrost tells the group, ‘that’s where lube helps’
Graelmon tells the group, ‘i said wrist, not shaft’
You tell your party, ‘well the shaft doesnt stroke itself’

Armfield says, ‘I’m making a special pee-pee forcefield.’

Sorcha tells the guild, ‘give brel a minute he is only typing with one hand…the Golden Girls is on TV’
Buzcam tells the guild, ‘Bea Arthur is a milf’
Belze tells the guild, ‘goin limp’

Vassa tells the group, ‘doing it outside in the snow while doggy style isnt that bad is it?’

Siludorf tells the guild, ‘I need to afk to talk to someone’
Kenthar tells the guild, ‘Silu, I’m sure the 900 numbers are still open after raid hours’

Praemus tells the guild, ‘i’m worth about sixty seconds of affection’

Graelmon tells the group, ‘i think im gonna ask for a prostitute for channuka’
Warfrost tells the group, ‘then new years at the clinic’

Armfield tells the guild, ‘Mexico could beat Canada in a war. Dirtclods > snowballs’

Graelmon tells you, ‘my balls are aching i think its gonna rain!’

Kinens tells the guild, ‘here it comes’
Agmyles tells the guild, ‘if i had a dime for everytime ive said that Kinens’
Rebaljr tells the guild, ‘you wouldn’t have a dime’

You told Rebaljr, ‘wake me when the mob gets here’
Rebaljr tells you, ‘i could put the spider eggs in a science dish, grow the spider, mutate it into babs and pop it in camp faster than this’

Ledora tells the guild, ‘I am a man rl!’
Praemus tells the guild, ‘gah..i cybored j00..i think’

Brel tells the guild, ‘Sorcha owned’
Sorcha tells the guild, ‘I wasnt up long enough to be owned…it was more along the lines of rented’
Dalphania tells the guild, ‘5 bucks gets alot these days’

Nunnwen tells the group, ‘grael’s penis is 1 inch from the ground’
Nunnwen tells the group, ‘when hes laying on his belly!’

Tiberian tells the group, ‘ok here is whats going to happen’
Tiberian tells the group, ‘im going to run in there like a fucking moron’
Tiberian tells the group, ‘going to agro it all’

Lazrious tells the guild, ‘Canada has those french toilets that like…spray water at you!’
Rezu tells the guild, ‘i cant get one of those in my house…..wife never come out of the bathroom’

Praemus tells the guild, ‘reb wants to play a game of hide and go fuck yerself’
Sorcha tells the guild, ‘I used to play that when I lived with my parents >:)’
Gneaus tells the guild, ‘you end up playing that alot once you get married :/’

Rebaljr tells you, ‘lick it before you stick it!’
You tell Rebaljr, ‘SoT guild motto’

Dazzler hugs mrs hand.

Rebaljr tells the guild, ‘i never tanked xegony :)’
Rebaljr tells the guild, ‘i stood there, attacked, went afk for 30 came back with a muffin and we still hadn’t won’

Windeye tells the guild, ‘MT baker is expected to get 18 inches by monday, start making your plans to come visit !!!’
Kinens tells the guild, ‘i was like who is main tank baker’
Kinens tells the guild, ‘let alone the 18 inches’

Graelmon tells the guild, ‘The Time Grows Near for Perpetual Pumps with the Hand of Glory!’
Orgrimm tells the guild, ‘grael’s Perpetual Pumps is covered with Oily Goo Secretion :(‘
Jackin tells the guild, ‘1 pump chump!’

Pennyphilcher tells the guild, ‘to have come so far…..and then this:Rusty Short Sword makes it all worthwhile’

Rebaljr tells you, ‘if he runs off i am immediately going to start logging off!’

Bojac tells the guild, ‘Isn’t Canada in America?’

Dalphania tells the guild, ‘is that a clitoris or a misplaced tonsil?’

Kinens tells the guild, ‘urge psy , reba brel’
Rebaljr tells you, ‘i like how kinens gets that one comma in there’

Graelmon tells you, ‘these fiends have such nice assholes’

Kinens tells the guild, ‘aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa JUMP aaaaaaaaaaaaaa’

Klaena tells the group, ‘ok food ready, afk. Follow set on…umm…. damn i dont trust any of u!’

Dazzler says, ‘any hole is a goal!’

Graelmon tells the group, ‘i put some conditioner on my balls the other day in the shower, i wanted to make my skin silky smooth, but it burnt cuz it had peppermint extract in it’
Graelmon tells you, ‘it hurt so bad i had to dance it off’

Lethdar tells the guild, ‘what’s the point of having a bigger cock if the only one playing with it is you’

Katey tells the guild, ‘not IF … WHEN’
Graelmon tells the guild, ‘not when, if’
Linarae tells the guild, ‘when, if not’
Sorcha tells the guild, ‘if, when not’

Orgrimm tells the guild, ‘my man breasts are fat with milk, just waiting for some skillful nipple twisting’

Quato tells the guild, ‘I had to go buy some smack, I hope you don’t mind that my Mom’s sisters dog was playing for this PoS raid’

Rokanna tells the guild, ‘if at first you dont Succeed, Keep sucking until you suck seed :)’

Sorcha tells the guild, ‘when you men say Nine…we usually get 7 so naturally we just learn to expect 3’

Brel tells the guild, ‘where’s muh rez!’
Bojac tells the guild, ‘We’re still deciding which cleric has to do it’

Buzcam tells the group, ‘i just did dazzler in the fart box’

Numarye says, ‘Gargant thats a hunk of meat, with alot of speed between some lucky suckers legs’

Baltyn tells the guild, ‘can i have a 10 minute afk?????’
Meya tells the guild, ‘That’s all it takes?’
Baltyn tells the guild, ‘QUICKY!!’
Warfrost tells the guild, ‘then 9 min of snuggling’

Sythevicious says, ‘note to self: Not so much coffee b4 Plane of Water raid’
Deuc tells the guild, ‘NO FLUSHING…we end up in Plane of Air’
You say to your guild, ‘only thing makes Plane of Water tolerable are the strong currents that roll by now and then and remind me of the showerhead’
Rebaljr tells you, ‘if i could fuck this water i would!’

Deuc tells the guild, ‘Finding out Kilena was really Grael was very similar to that time in Ssra when I discovered Ganni was a guy just before climax. I learned my lesson. Now I am just hot for Windeye and Jennie!’
Owen tells the guild, ‘it was so much simpler in the early days of SoT when the whole guild was transvestites’

Graelmon tells the guild, ‘sounds like a start of a gay porno!’
Praemus tells the guild, ‘ do u know how gay porn starts?’
Graelmon tells the guild, ‘ive watched so much porn, i just pretend they got started before the girl got there’

Rebaljr tells you, ‘i woke up lying on the living room floor with morning wood and everyone standing around’
Rebaljr tells you, ‘hasnt changed since’
Rebaljr tells you, ‘i am going to have to walk to class with a hunch :(‘
Rebaljr tells you, ‘/bends over’
Rebaljr tells you, ‘public wood, aint nothing like it!’

Sorcha deftly twirls her nipple(s)!

Tiberian tells the guild, ‘ill pull it out’
You say to your guild, ‘ive heard that before’

Kinens tells the guild, ‘please be run with with your own minds!’
Aurron tells the guild, ‘wth?’
Siludorf tells the guild, ‘??’
Zaltak tells the guild, ‘my mind is now down for repairs’

Kinens tells the guild, ‘SHIT ON ME’

Zaltak tells the guild, ‘our secret plan is to overload the island and cause it to crash thus killing xegony’

Ardemus says, ‘ill give you tube steak … you have to work for the gravy though’

Graelmon tells the group, ‘lame, im diseased’
Deuc tells the group, ‘we knew that going in’

Graelmon tells you, ‘i feel angry, but horny…wanna have angry sex?’

Rebaljr tells the group, ‘you are lucky i dont have my mug out you fuckers!’
Bavaral tells the group, ‘why you gonna ale us to death?’

Celeus tells sotapps:4, ‘I’m a horrible drunk’
Bavaral tells sotapps:4, ‘you’re a horrible sober’

Farescale tells the guild, ‘only dangerous if you choke on it radine’

Orgrimm tells you, ‘what are you up to, love muffin hunbun schnookums sweetie pie honey lamb chops?’

Crovax tells the guild, ‘who’s cheek i have my tongue in?’

Dazzler humps Klaena on the face!
Warfrost says, ‘she bites’
Dazzler says, ‘thats ok…i can donkey punch out her dentures’

Graelmon tells you, ‘fuck it, im not a genius, im just gonna spell everything phonetically’

Graelmon tells you, ‘AFK Message: spelunking for food’

Kinens tells the guild, ‘so we dong ass ourselves’
Rebaljr tells you, ‘ON MOVRE THE DAMN IT!’

Rebaljr tells you, ‘suck my cli<bleep>’

Allamar tells the guild, ‘Xegony just raped the scales off psychoo’

Jacek tells you, ‘put DOWN the porn and answer me!’

Kinens tells sphereoffs:1, ‘friday is finger in my butt night’

Orgrimm tells the group, ‘im sorry scara, you have whapped me with your penis too many times tonight, i no longer desire your company!’

Orgrimm tells you, ‘maybe this is the crocodile that took captain hook’s hand’
Orgrimm tells you, ‘Crikey, this crock is cranky!’

Rebaljr tells you, ‘i came back from afk and was looking up your dress :(‘
Rebaljr tells you, ‘was auto on dazz, so that explains it’

Radine tells the guild, ‘CB couldn’t clear their way to a mini in fire, much less kill one’
Xillion tells the guild, ‘yes they can’
Xillion tells the guild, ‘i know because i saw their corpses under the omnifiend’

Rebaljr tells you, ‘i am too lazy to stand’

Carral says, ‘im gonna sneak up all quiet like and jam my thumb up its butthole’

Craftie tells the guild, ‘will corpse move ?o grave?ard even if i camp ou? ?’
Shash tells the guild, ‘wha? is up wi?h your keyboard?’
Crovax tells the guild, ‘FoR F?ck ?ake b?y a ne? ke?boa?d yo? ch?ap ?l?t ?!!??’

Kinens tells the guild, ‘crovax’
Knip tells the guild, ‘wants’
Idoj tells the guild, ‘to’
Karmad tells the guild, ‘eat’
Onhunglo tells the guild, ‘drink’
Kinens tells the guild, ‘swallow’
Crovax tells the guild, ‘HOLY fuck…i have a boner’

Knip tells the guild, ‘one of my buddies has my mom’s name tattooed on his ass’
Draynoth tells the guild, ‘how do you discover a tattoo on another man’s ASS’

Rebaljr tells the group, ‘Cord of Temporal Weavings’
Rebaljr tells the group, ‘its 45% haste and 25atk’
Rebaljr tells you, ‘effect: moisten panties 10%’

Rebaljr tells you, ‘want me to push the mob in front of you so you dont have to move to attack?!’
Rebaljr tells the group, ‘need to get a laptop for red, more accessable from under the desk’
Rebaljr tells the group, ‘maybe she will attack earlier than 50%’
Rebaljr tells you, ‘MOB IS RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU!’

Warsong says, ‘id give everything i own for one of those’
Dazzler says, ‘ooo reeeeally’
Warsong is a guy…
Dazzler says, ‘thats ok, just go face down!’

Xide tells the guild, ‘i swallowed a whole pickle today’
Aurelios tells the guild, ‘wish you were my girlfriend’

Rebaljr tells you, ‘suckucunninglingus?!’

Agmyles tells the guild, ‘I’d rather drag my wee wee threw 10 miles of broken glass to hear xegony fart threw a walkie talkie then do this ring again’

Puncha tells sphereoffs:1, ‘almost as bad as you stickin that fork up my butt’
Kinens tells sphereoffs:1, ‘o wait til i get my cell phone puncha’
Kinens tells sphereoffs:1, ‘i need to put it up your ass! see if it still rings’
Puncha tells sphereoffs:1, ‘it will, i have a large asshole’

Rebaljr tells the guild, ‘lets get a raid going, that usually puts me to sleep’

Jacek tells you, ‘S on your chest doesnt stand for Scarabae or Sloot’

Kinens tells sphereoffs:1, ’35 this year’
Kinens tells sphereoffs:1, ‘balding, penile disfunction’
Kinens tells sphereoffs:1, ‘back hair’
Kinens tells sphereoffs:1, ‘i am good as dead’

Dazzler tells sphereoffs:1, ‘salad tossing ass pirate!’
Kinens tells sphereoffs:1, ‘cum guzzling sperm burper’

Kinens tells sphereoffs:1, ‘scara, i will come love you, stroke you and pet you’
Dazzler tells sphereoffs:1, ‘for about 30 seconds’

Kyrrin tells the guild, ‘ass fucking females syndicate?’

You told Morthos, ‘My shower head is a smooth talker’
Morthos tells you, ‘you gotta give me the chance to prove im better than moving water’

Jacek tells the guild, ‘Starrla, need you to help Scarabae with her interior decorating…so her curtains and rug match’
Yiladien tells the guild, ‘who says scara has carpet’
Urgetakil tells the guild, ‘i like a waxed floor with one small welcome mat at the entrance’
Quater tells the guild, ‘its all good….carpet or hardwood…but it must be clean’
Yiladien tells the guild, ‘so clean you can eat off it’

Rebaljr tells you, ‘3 ways are pure’
Rebaljr tells you, ‘you wont even have to get on your knees’

Zeremus tells the guild, ‘Crovax’s strength fills Kinens’ body…The Tribunal pukes’

Corenth tells the guild, ‘you always said your dream was a minajaytwa’
Meya tells the guild, ‘Is that the exact spelling of that word Corenth?’

Kortak tells the guild, ‘why would you date a guy, tell him that your perfect for each other, then say you dont want a boyfriend.’
Orgrimm tells the guild, ‘maybe she hooked up with your dad or something, so there is that odd tension that she wants to avoid’
Graelmon tells the guild, ‘kortak, the best thing for you to do right now is to become a depressed shell of a human being, never go outside again, become a recluse, and change all your numbers’
Orgrimm tells the guild, ‘Kortak, win her back by crawling thru her window late at night and leave strange letters under her pillow. Oh, and always show up to walk her around town, and offer to drive her everywhere. And sit up in the tree by her window every night to be sure she is safe. THEN she will want you back for sure.’
Orgrimm tells the guild, ‘and if she dont, just tell her, if i cant have you, no one will’

Klaena tells the guild, ‘you dont know what tension is til you get a full time job’
Rebaljr tells the guild, ‘being a sloot doesnt count Klaena’
Klaena tells the guild, ‘it did last night..’
Eildian tells the guild, ‘if you get paid well enough, which im sure klaena does, it can’

Buzcam tells the guild, ‘nunnwen do you work for UPS cuz i could have sworn i saw you checking out my package!’
Nunnwen tells the guild, ‘ya i was trying to find the postage for it came to 3 cents’

Graelmon tells sphereoffs:1, ‘im a sex machine’
Graelmon tells sphereoffs:1, ‘if i had sex’

Orgrimm says, ‘you may send cyber in 3 easy payments’

Celeus tells the group, ‘grael why are you trying to cybor me..=’
Graelmon tells the group, ‘i find your eyes attractive’

Buzcam tells the guild, ‘kinens i love every bone in your body…..especially mine!’
Kaleadar tells the guild, ‘buz loving another guy…we have a name for that where i come from’
Buzcam tells the guild, ‘colon cowboy?’
Bojac tells the guild, ‘the norm?’
Buzcam tells the guild, ‘rump ranger?’
Armfield tells the guild, ‘Dingleberry Diver?’
Buzcam tells the guild, ‘turd burgler?’
Draynoth tells the guild, ‘fudge packer?’
Buzcam tells the guild, ‘pucker poker?’
You say to your guild, ‘dumper dipper?’
Quato tells the guild, ‘richard smoker?’
Armfield tells the guild, ‘rooster eater?’
Kaleadar tells the guild, ‘pillow biter’
Rokanna tells the guild, ‘ball deep into asshair’

Tiberian tells the guild, ‘Ding’
You told Tiberian, ‘Oh baby, yes!’
Tiberian tells you, ‘!!!’
Tiberian tells you, ‘later, muh dad is right here!’
You told Dardolan, ‘hah. Tibs dad is watching him play. I’m going to fuck with him.’
Dardolan tells you, ‘like..”I’m comming i’m comming! oh my god yes ugh yeah right there omfg! AHHHHHhh”‘
You told Tiberian, ‘/moan’
Tiberian tells you, ‘!@!! I dont know you!’

Rokanna tells the guild, ‘after all you guys lose the 14 layers of tongue to the first frozen pool you stick it to… you can go all day without tasting the tuna’

Jacek tells the guild, ‘We won cuz Kinens was yelling “DPES:L” midfight’

Lethdar tells sphereoffs:1, ‘and btw the official animal of canada is the beaver, not the moose’
Kinens tells sphereoffs:1, ‘thats my official animal too’

Orgrimm tells the group, ‘threesomes arent a big deal…i have them all the time with my 2 ladies, lefty and righty’
Orgrimm tells the group, ‘i play eq with my toes’

Orgrimm tells you, ‘Hey baby, is that a keg in your pants? cuz i’d like to tap that ass!’
Orgrimm tells you, ‘Baby…if you were words on a page…you’d be what they call Fine Print!’
Orgrimm tells you, ‘Hey baby, do you have a mirror in your pocket? cuz i can see myself in your pants!’

Selan tells the guild, ‘Deezel never hits the bottom, *but* he can bang the shit out of the sides!’

Rebaljr tells you, ‘this xp group seemed like a good idea…before it happened’

Radine tells the guild, ‘Do I ever hush? =x’
Almightie tells the guild, ‘only when your mouth is full’

Crovax tells the guild, ‘i cant wait to pour some syrup down the crack of his ass’
Crovax’s weapon is bathed in vaseline!

Graelmon tells the guild, ‘i like tribal boobies, something about chicks with tits that hang down to their knees that turns me on’

Kinens tells sphereoffs:1, ‘scara, you coming to vegas?’
You tells sphereoffs:1, ‘yes, and im bringing a full arsenal of anal toys for you’
Kinens tells sphereoffs:1, ‘i can hear dazz starting to sweat thru the keyboard’

Kinens tells sphereoffs:1, ‘i sit here crying right now, on and on and on’

Orgrimm tells you, ‘I would love to be a cotton thread on Va Xi Aten Ha Ra’s thong’

Yiladien tells the guild, ‘if you got money, you got my mom :(‘

Kinens tells sphereoffs:1, ‘just think how big my penis is’
You tells sphereoffs:1, ‘that didnt take long’

Praemus tells the guild, ‘kinens just got a hard on’
Agmyles tells the guild, ‘lock up the children!’

You told Orgrimm, ‘”eat me!”‘
Orgrimm tells you, ‘*puts on his bib”‘

Quater tells the guild, ‘she is swede…they dont use Miracle Whip…never trust them’

Kinens tells sphereoffs:1, ‘come to my house red’
You tell sphereoffs:1, ‘do you have drugs?’
Kinens tells sphereoffs:1, ‘you could call it that.’
Graelmon tells sphereoffs:1, ‘…childrens tylenol is not a drug’

Kinens tells sphereoffs:1, ‘begging 6!’
Adiene tells sphereoffs:1, ‘i hear you get faster results if you get down on your knees’
Graelmon tells sphereoffs:1, ‘and what is your begging at adiene?’

Graelmon tells the guild, ‘a 12 foot cock would only get trampled on when you walked’

Dazzler tells the guild, ‘i scared her away yesterday with my explicit cunninglingus talk’
Buzcam tells the guild, ‘lethdar tells the group what the hell is cunninglingus’

Ibudin tells the guild, ‘how can i resist a scarabae spell?’
Rokanna tells the guild, ‘glue your pants to your legs ibu’

Orgrimm tells the guild, ‘i tell the ladies i have a 65 gnome, they have to change their panties’
Quater tells the guild, ‘i do that all the time…i say “HEY BABY I AM QUATER” and the rivers of their little treasures flow open wide’

Kinens tells sphereoffs:1, ‘i make 10 bucks a week giving sperm’
Dazzler tells sphereoffs:1, ‘i would be billionaire’

Oddly drools a….plethora…of, mmm, drool.
Oddly’s pecker grows exponentially.

Dardolan tells the guild, ‘been raining all day :(‘
Orgrimm tells the guild, ‘go outside and scream out your druid spells to change the weather’

Sythevicious tells the guild, ‘speak more of this angel with a strap-on’

Crovax tells sotclerics:1, ‘i’d be the only male stripper w/ a change purse attached to my thong’

Crovax tells the guild, ‘yes my penis is coming with’
Crovax tells the guild, ‘OMG’
Karmad tells the guild, ‘i demand that you leave it at home!’

Kinens tells sphereoffs:1, ‘i got penis butter and jelly smothered in underwear’

Lazrious tells the guild, ‘i like high school girls, i keep getting older, but they keep staying the same age’

Olandis tells the guild, ‘remember the time john elway and bill cosby got in a fight with the fonz cuz he ran his motorcycle into their car and spilled all the jello?’

Orgrimm tells you, ‘i should invest in some innate typing ability’

Orgrimm tells the guild, ‘Official Statement: i dont give a shit’

Crovax says, ‘we won’t comment on spunk…makes Tib hungry :(‘

Armfield tells the guild, ‘I tasted breastmilk on Saturday’

Kinens tells sphereoffs:1, ‘ok, i have a cell phone for work’
Kinens tells sphereoffs:1, ‘its a belt clip one’
Kinens tells sphereoffs:1, ‘i had, lets just say, diarrhea’
Kinens tells sphereoffs:1, ‘so i stand up to wipe’
Kinens tells sphereoffs:1, ‘and my phone fell in’
Jacek tells you, ‘who the hell stands up to wipe!?’
Kinens tells sphereoffs:1, ‘the toilets are automatic, so it flushed’
Kinens tells sphereoffs:1, ‘i flushed it 5 more times before retrieving it’
Kinens tells sphereoffs:1, ‘its a 300 dollar phone, for work, and it wont work’
Kinens tells sphereoffs:1, ‘so i call the local at&t and they said bring it in’
Kinens tells sphereoffs:1, ‘the guy tears it apart, says hmm its all wet’
Kinens tells sphereoffs:1, ‘the guy says call at&t, so i call them, they want the phone’
Kinens tells sphereoffs:1, ‘i had to fess up’
Dazzler tells sphereoffs:1, ‘using that phone, does that by definition make you a shit head?’
Kinens tells sphereoffs:1, ‘bring it on, i will stick my phone on you’

Dardolan tells dardorap:4, ‘what is this myles, acting like you got styles, i kick it like a trooper and will do you in the pooper.’
Buzcam tells dardorap:4, ‘going back door….not keeping the score….myles thinks he’s thumper….but plants it in the dumper.’

Orgrimm tells the guild, ‘on those long long days filled with stress and depressing moments, you can always count on your dual shocj controller to cheer you up and greet you with a cheap thrill when you get home, oh how i love my gaming console’
Orgrimm tells the guild, ‘i just turn vibrate mode on and space out’
Orgrimm tells the group, ‘if i said ive never gotten excited while playing ps2…i’d be lying’

Orgrimm tells you, ‘hot damn man, lets have some champagne jam! man i got me this budweiser and imma watch me some nascar tell you what’

Rokanna tells you, ‘shards might as well be Male…drop once and then roll over and never see them again’

Graelmon tells the guild, ‘porn does not make you crash!’
Brel tells the guild, ‘depends on how far you’re leaning back in your chair’

Urgetakil tells the guild, ‘outta food at my aprt…so im eating Total Raisin bran, without milk, and mostly picking out the raisins =(‘
Armfield tells the guild, ‘Hard to chew on raisins without any teeth eh?’

Tranz says, ‘whew, that was nasty. My fruit pies and chocolate cakes are ruined. The berry pasty has some scrapes and the lemon curd tart sustained some superficial damage. But the tomato saw the accident coming and ejected itself.’

Dardolan tells you, ‘im tired’
Dardolan tells you, ‘horny’
Dardolan tells you, ‘and watching americas most wanted’
Dardolan tells you, ‘this is the worst pain ever’
You told Dardolan, ‘whack attack?’
Dardolan tells you, ‘AFK Message: whack attack’

Ibudin tells sphereoffs:1, ‘why do they keep beating on it when its in the wall’
You tell sphereoffs:1, ‘hard to stop beating it when you’re so close to completion’

Dazzler tells the guild, ‘its always hanging southeast, or depending on my libido, northeast, its a rare combination of gravity defying fun flesh, here for your pleasure ragdoll!’

Olandis tells the guild, ‘hurrah! the clap finally did me in’

Caesium tells you, ‘coo’
Caesium tells you, ‘mistell’
Caesium tells you, ‘cool’
Caesium tells you, ‘nother mistell…’
Caesium tells you, ‘Hi! wanna fuck?’

Klaena says, ‘Dio afk?’
Diosamblet says, ‘Fugg you’
Klaena says, ‘Small bones get stuck in my throat’

Kinens tells the guild, ‘put it in the corner and attack from behind’
Agmyles tells the guild, ‘is this a date?’

Orgrimm tells the group, ‘such a dirty sounding illusion name, drybone’
You tell the group, ‘im more of a wetbone sort of girl, got any of those?’
Orgrimm tells the group, ‘i only got dry ones 🙁 its your responsability to get it wet’
You tell the group, ‘typical’

Kinens tells the guild, ‘who else needs bag’
Quato tells the guild, ‘you may have bag kinens but you need some balls to go in it’

Tillie tells sphereoffs:1, ‘Dazzler will make someone a good husband he doesnt listen to half of what i say’

You tell your guild, ‘its best to run across at top speed creaming and flailing your arms in all directions.’
You told Jacek, ‘jesus…that was supposed to say screaming…’

Kyria tells the guild, ‘KRABS IS NOT GAY!’
Kyria tells the guild, ‘his boyfriend is gay’

Buzcam tells the guild, ‘im afraid i have to go if i want to stay married….after some thought, i do’

Buzcam tells the guild, ‘Oh SHIT! Anyone know how to get semen stains out of cat fur?’

Dazzler tells sphereoffs:1, ‘there’s a skeeter on my peter whackin off! there’s a skeeter on my peter whackin off! there’s a dozen on my cousin can you hear those fuckers buzzin!’

Ellone tells sphereoffs:1, ‘if i were a girl i’d be a lesbian cause of guys like kinens!’

Adiene drools — something must have her excited!
Braeaniu licks Adienes chin making sure she got all the drool.
Braeaniu licks Scarabae.
Ellone nibbles on Scarabae’s ear.
Adiene nibbles on Scarabae’s other ear.
Duffin says, ‘Oh the joys of lesbian love…’
Onhunglo says, ‘if you’re male, you get no lovin in this guild’

Pharmdoc tells the guild, ‘if people quit training, this wouldn’t happen’
Buzcam tells the guild, ‘if my aunt had balls she would be my uncle…not gonna happen tho.’

Kinens tells the guild, ‘TT reminds me of my first and second wife’
Kinens tells the guild, ‘mean, wont die, and keeps trying to kill me’

Orgrimm tells you, ‘sot war cry: “oh shit!”‘

Olandis tells the guild, ‘i had a dream last night that we changed our name to the Guild of Radner’

Adiene tells the group, ‘ksdfhls root is the fooking dibble’

You have entered The City of Shar Vahl. It begins to rain.
Orgrimm tells the group, ‘Welcome to the city of unshaven pussies!’

Orgrimm tells you, ‘i just lifted up my leg, and my god damned pants ripped right over my crotch :(‘
You told Orgrimm, ‘are you flirting with me?’

Dardolan tells you, ‘What are you up to? Teaching the slow hump?’
You told Dardolan, ‘searching for an adequate hump partner. no luck so far :(‘
Dardolan tells you, ‘ya 🙁 good luck finding one of those. i dont think anyone out there can do it like you did!’
Buzcam tells the guild, ‘dazz whats the green stuff on the head of your wood?’
Dazzler tells the guild, ‘just the north side!’

Orgrimm tells you, ‘new item: Belt of Ass Whipping’
Orgrimm tells you, ‘effect: Pain and Pleasure’

Hapkido tells you, ‘you come in and then you leave! i’m left gasping :(‘
Hapkido tells you, ‘you are very sexy no i’m serious are those your shoes’
Hapkido tells you, ‘*nibbles on own collar like a school girl*’

Leni tells the guild, ‘if we dont start this raid soon we’re going to lose it to the fbi negotiators’

Kinens says, ‘he’s not up?’
Leni says, ‘no, he’s not up’
Tasarian says, ‘well it was a good test of our mobilization abilities’
Leni says, ‘ya we beat nobody’

Ullric tells you, ‘im trying to seduce you, of course’
Ullric tells you, ‘mistell’

Dardolan tells you, ‘if we dont die it will be from the praying’

Dardolan tells the guild, ‘chan and duffin sitting in a tree b-l-u-e-h-a-i-r-y-b-a-b-i-e-s’

Leni tells the guild, ‘ATTWACK’

Orgrimm tells you, ‘lets add a bed, subtract your clothes, divide your legs and multiply!’

Yiladien tells the group, ‘this is the part in my dream where out of nowhere, this rocky place turns into a battle area with a mud pit in the middle and adi and scara happen to be in bikini’s toughing it out’

Orgrimm tells you, ‘That charm spell you were talking about is called “Total Domination”‘
Orgrimm tells you, ‘Skill Prerequisite: Leather and Chains outfit’

Leni tells the group, ‘i love this xp, its like good sex’
Leni tells the group, ‘good grind, will be sore tomorrow’

Caesium says, ‘she’ll look better face down’

You tell your guild, ‘afk, i need to give bini some long overdue lovins’
Kinens tells the guild, ‘wipe quick’

Piesky tells the group, ‘by the way, i was wondering…why do you guys always play with roleplay up?’
You tell your group, ‘our guild leader thinks he is tom cruise in mission impossible’
You tell your group, ‘mad paranoia’
Richard tells the group, ‘most of the time they dont even tell me where the raid is, so i cant go’

Hapkido tells you, ‘i want to tickle your saccrum!’
You tells Hapkido, ‘i am flattered’
Hapkido tells you, ‘i’m not sure i could reach it though :(‘
You tell Hapkido, ‘i would like to see you try!’
Hapkido tells you, ‘do you have a sexy zygomatic process?’
You tell Hapkido, ‘your romantic words have no effect on me. i am immune! i am susceptable to temptation by cookie tho’
Hapkido tells you, ‘I CAN MAKE A COOKIE’
You tell Hapkido, ‘chocolate chip?’
Hapkido tells you, ‘sweet sweet butter’
You tell Hapkido, ‘take me now!’

Orgrimm tells you, ‘i’m under attack! Quick! Give me a therapeutic full body massage using sensual oils to remedy my wounds!’

Orgrimm tells the group, ‘i have to say, out of all the brutal ass rapings i have experience in EQ, that one takes the cake for sphincter strain’

Klaena tells the guild, ‘anyone doing rides?’
Diosamblet tells the guild, ‘i can give you a ride!’
Klaena tells the guild, ‘been there sone that fell asleep’

Leni tells the guild, ‘OUSH HIMN OUTL OS’
Leni tells the guild, ‘rez dead heal dorf attack’
Leni tells the guild, ‘wars grab non mezzable if htey are wasting ppl sks first’
Leni tells the guild, ‘keey ehalith up’
You told Orgrimm, ‘wtf?’
Orgrimm tells you, ‘(we’re going to die)’

Caesium tells the guild, ‘rated J for Jesus christ i’m gonna puke’

Vassa tells the guild, ‘he’s at 7%’
Caesium tells the guild, ’12 sot’
Leni tells the guild, ‘GO GO GO’
Agmyles tells the guild, ‘clerics got no mana’
Evull tells the guild, ‘grab him by the ears!’
Dardolan tells the guild, ‘ride him like a pony’
You say to your guild, ‘throw rocks!’
Caesium tells the guild, ‘throw shoe!’

Jacek tells the guild, ‘is a parrot poultry?’

Caesium licks Scarabae’s ***** as he slowly ***** her **** while *******.

Deuc tells the guild, ‘God? Want me to polish the Sword again for you?’

Gorignak tells the group, ‘Hello friends, and Zeremus.’
Orgrimm tells the group, ‘Hi acquaintances, I dont quite consider you friends.’

Bini says, ‘Gori, tell us a story’
Gorignak says, ‘big bad wolf, roar’
Gorignak says, ‘he come to pig1 door’
Gorignak says, ‘roar, blow it down’
Gorignak says, ‘he come to pig2 house’
Gorignak says, ‘roar, blow it down’
Gorignak says, ‘he come to pig3 house’
Gorignak says, ‘roar, not blow down’
Gorignak says, ‘the end’

Lazrious tells the group, ‘so we at the top of the shaft now?’
Caesium tells the group, ‘is very sensitive up here’

GUILD MOTD: Dazzler – When I think about you I touch myself….

Orgrimm tells you, ‘Leni wouldn’t make a very good little league coach’

Gorignak hugs Scarabae.
Gorignak bashes YOU for 26 points of damage.
You are stunned!
Gorignak tells the group, ‘love tap!’

Pennyphilcher tells the guild, ‘twisting pot dong’

Bini tells you, ‘ok your first order is as follows, get your phone ready and a well lubricated rubber ducky!’

Brel tells the guild, ‘people that don’t get along well with the opposite gender make up weird excuses, like “she smelled of beans” or “her hair looks like large clumps of spaghetti”.’
Brel tells the guild, ‘or “she had no belly button, the devious alien”.’

Brel tells the guild, ‘ok…druid groups with a necro, self ports to zone in, someone kills the mage, resses him, necro summons to us, res here, coth link done, work?’
Orgrimm tells the guild, ‘or he could just run here.’

Kharas tells the guild, ‘finally back, ISP went down.’
Buzcam tells the guild, ‘how much extra you got to pay for that?’

Leni tells the guild, ‘ok new people, here is the plan.’
Leni tells the guild, ‘dont die.’

You say, ‘I didnt think i had any respect points to lose’
Xerin says, ‘yes, everyone is given 50 to start with’
Xerin says, ‘org has roughly 75 for KEI’ing my alt’
Xerin says, ‘but he lost 15 for hiding his gnomeness’
Orgrimm says, ‘You lost all 50 for banging sheep’

Orgrimm tells the guild, ‘Confucious say, crowded elevator smell different to midget’

Shash tells the guild, ‘Grats to the collective, please dont assimilate me.’

Vassa says, ‘lets hump like weapons of mass destruction are about to rain down on the world in 30 minutes’
Orgrimm says, ‘gori has mounted me’

Lethdar says, ‘i’m so hot i’ll need a moment to myself ;)’

Dwalith tells the guild, ‘we would have won if we bought better gear’

Akreon tells the guild, ‘Tunare climbs in my widow every night. I push her away but she just keeps coming.’
Membrayne tells the guild, ‘She tried that crap with me, but Firiona climbed outta bed and kicked her ass.’

Orgrimm tells you, ‘”i want to slide off your little panties with my teeth and lick the inside of your thighs”‘
You tell Orgrimm, ‘I’m tempted to post that on my site’
Orgrimm tells you, ‘I dare you!’

Orgrimm tells you, ‘/humps your leg’
Orgrimm tells you, ‘better watch it, your red legs may end up looking like a barber shop pole when i’m done.’

Leni tells the guild, ‘PUSH IT IN’

You told Orgrimm, ‘We’re moving in a week. I got the bedroom with the deck :)’
Orgrimm tells you, ‘A deck is nice for us EQ’ers. It gives us the option of going outside to lay in the sun, even though it is very unlikely.’

Haytrid tells the group, ‘haha, yil :)’
You tell the group,’…did you just call me yil?’
Haytrid tells the group,’ya…sorry might have ya confused with another but thought you were yil’s druid alt silk farmer.’

Kinder tells the group, ‘I SEE YOU BABY’
Kinder tells the group, ‘SHAVING THAT ASS !’
Kinder tells the group, ‘Um’
Kinder tells the group, ‘SHAKING’

Daide tells the guild, ‘is it really long enough to be measureable?’
Jacek tells the guild, ‘your cheeks will have stretchmarks =(‘

Dwalith says, ‘Man they are like a well-oiled machine…Yil probably more oiled than the others’

Caldwyn tells you, ‘I will lead a raid here and have people actually listen when we say repeatedly “watch it, slick floor, the floor is slick, be careful, slick floor” and not have 4 people go running over it like it was tar’

Worr tells the guild, ‘Ok… I have NO IDEA what happened. i had to take a Whale sized shit before i soiled myself, and i come back to get a bitching for doing something about training Dont ask me, ok, My ass is on Rectal Restriction from now on. Sorry for whatever.’

Waelyn tells you, ‘AFK Message: I’m not who you think I am, so take your lame, freakish cyber somewhere else you sick bastard. Oh, and seek help.’

Tolven tells you, ‘Sheep! Sheep have many uses, especially on a long sea voyage.’

Pyat tells the guild, ‘”Damn, i think that shit just tore out my ovaries”‘

Orgrimm tells the group, ‘the deeper you go, the harder they bite’

Grangaler tells the group, ‘huhu… whe can do burn some meat with its sound a barbecue but no need oil for it’
Pyat tells you, ‘”huhu… you breast are nice i think 🙂 i cast and see far and then you come in front and then WOW!”‘
Gamadani tells the guild, ‘fewt mey;;thhhaag’

Daide tells the guild, ‘Quater has a growth on his head that is shaped like the Human Male genitalia, yes, the male gonandular implementation, yes the penis, yes the shlong, the dangly.. you get my meaning?’

Aeno tells the group, ‘Me Tarzeno’
Aeno tells the group, ‘You Janabae’
Aeno clubs Scarabae over the head and drags her back to his cave.

Kinder tells the guild, ‘Consent muh butt please’
You have given Kinder’s Butt permission to drag your corpse.
You say to your guild, ‘Consented Kinder’s Butt’
Rolfgar tells the guild, ‘Dude, Kinder…You been working out?’
Kinder tells the guild, ‘No man, I’m wearing a ass bra.’
Rolfgar tells the guild, ‘Well, its rock solid, man.’

Orgrimm has joined the group.
Dwalith tells the group, ‘yay :)’
Dwalith tells the group, ‘hey org’
Orgrimm tells the group, ‘lame dwalith is here’
Orgrimm has left the group.

Mephisten tells the guild, ‘how about i offer 4pp, for both of you, for 2 hours’
You say to your guild, ‘deal’
Mephisten tells the guild, ‘omg wrong channel’

Lokce tells the guild, ‘no way, i could never sleep with just one person. tirana is just one finger…i have all my other fingers named other names’

Kinens tells you, ‘grop me somewhere for some love exp?’

Kinder Y
Kinder M
Kinder C
Kinder A

Xanaron tells the guild, ‘bah giving head is like hand shakes and autographs .. common courtesy’

Ibudin tells the guild, ‘I HATE THIS FUCKING GAME’

Mikaeli tells the guild, ‘ive had more fun than this slamming my dick between the toilet seats’
Kinens tells the guild, ‘ya. how many gd times we have to come back here?’
Vigilyn tells the guild, ‘well kinens, if we use our flux capacitator and warp to the 8th dimension, i think he’ll spawn’

Pyat tells the group, ‘I sleep around with various sodas’
Pyat tells the group, ‘Coke…asian girl. Pepsi…swedish girl’
Pyat tells the group, ‘diet chocolate soda…the 60 year old whore on the corner in make up’

Orgrimm kills Yiladien and breaks his noodle, burns him and then pisses on the ashes.

Orgrimm tells you, ‘evelynn kept me up all night =’
Orgrimm tells you, ‘she made me stay and grind with her until she “dinged”‘

Orgimm tries to cast a spell on you, but you are protected!
You told Orgrimm, ‘you try to cast your spell on me, but i am protected!’
Orgrimm tells you, ‘too bad for you, for it is the rare spell Pleasure, effect: a tingly sensation in all the right places, duration: 3.0 hours’

You told Llieam, ‘kept trying to get to you, and kept getting side tracked. CR etc :/’
Llieam tells you, ‘not coming? bah like that bothers a man.’

You tell your party, ‘Is this a threesome?’
Kinder tells the group, ‘No, a gnome only counts for a half.’
Kinder tells the group, ‘This is a 2.5 some at best’

Hapkido tells you, ‘my feign battery…keeps wearing out’
You told Hapkido, ‘Need a jump?’

Dardolan tells you, ‘fuck this fuck that fuck fuck fuck etc etc’

Adyeni tells the guild, ‘Buzcam I am sorry that I laughed at your peepee when you showed it to me’

Dalphania says, ‘are you working as intended?’

Kinder tells the group, ‘I dueled yon ranger Scarab last night’
Kinder tells the group, ‘She resisted 300 charm attempts’
Kinder tells the group, ‘And proceded to root my ass’
Kinder tells the group, ‘Then’
Kinder tells the group, ‘Amongst other humiliating abuse’
Kinder tells the group, ‘She hit me for 115 once’
Kinder tells the group, ‘And there wasn’t one moment in which i wasn’t snared’
Kinder tells the group, ‘Then, she rooted me’
Kinder tells the group. ‘And used me for archery practice’

Kinens tells the group, ‘i am playing eq naked just for you’

Yasmine says, ‘almost did not recognize u not on all fours’

Valkyree tells you, ‘scarabae, its what’s for dinner’

Ailnydar tells the guild, ‘i think Twin burning resist disc is what turned the tide there’

Kinder tells the group, ‘I love cooking directions that involve adding boiling water and simply letting stand for 3 minutes’
Kinder tells the group, ‘its like the law of inverses’
Kinder tells the group, ‘the less effort, the faster it kills you’
Kinder tells the group, ‘so ultimately you end up with the same amount of usable time on this earth’

Teariny tells the group, ‘you know the first time i ever put on real fine silk underwear I got hard :/’

Rolfgar tells the guild, ‘I don’t care if they are alive, as long as they are mostly warm’
Rolfgar tells the guild, ‘Hot gay sex? Hell yea! Throw that shit in the mix!’

Orgrimm tells you, ‘in the cold waters of the cobalt scar, experiencing incredible shrinkage’

Mojoslinger tells you, ‘Buff this buff that buff me damn it Mojo. Mojo this Mojo that, Malosi it Mojo try and slow it Mojo. Mojo i need tuna and sta buff. Buff here buff there, Mojo buff Mojo buff’

Bini says, ‘Its a steamy crack’

Kinder says, ‘Kinder’s tongue begins to glow with mystical power.’
Kinder says, ‘Your clit is engulfed in pleasure.’
Kinder says, ‘You have been orgasmed!’

Kinens tells the guild, ‘please stand over here by wall until sphirek pulls a few. you know he will kill us’

Ullric tells the group, ‘Never respect a ranger! They tells you they know the way to Karnors, but then you are in Nek forest, and its like, wtf?’

Kinder tells you, ‘If at all possible I want to trade out this mask, and wear scarabae on my face from now on’

Kaladen tells the guild, ‘i love champ of in rock armor kick looking’

Fenrisan tells the group, ‘his mother told him it would make his hand fall of, I… like masturbating’

Danamal tells the guild, ‘i only saw reaver…then bang, another reaver…then bang, lord…then bang, other shit…then bang, more shit…then bang, some other shit…then bang bang bang…LOADING, Please Wait…’
Caesium tells you, ‘that sucked, lets make puppies’

Dalphania tells the guild, ‘need a rez, sam sent a tell so dirty i had to crawl into the fetal position in the shower and cry mommy’

Ayako tells you, ‘isn’t it required by law for you to inform of your digital herpes’

Aeno tells you, ‘AFK message: masturbating’

Cazic Thule shouts ‘Beware all infidels who dare to taint my plane, for I shall rend your minds with fright, dread and terror! ‘
Gorignak says, ‘Such is the will of Cazic-Thule!’
Dwalith says, ‘Such is the will of Cazic-Thule!’

Urgetakil tells the guild, ‘there is only 1 way to live in life…the way you want can always repent on your death bed…REPENT ON YOUR DEATH BED!’

Kinder tells the group, ‘The plan is’
Kinder tells the group, ‘I will get lost’
Kinder tells the group, ‘But won’t admit it’
Kinder tells the group, ‘And finally we will fumble about and find a camp spot’

Orgrimm tells you, ‘the high point of my day was being able to go to the restroom after holding it in for a long time – it felt pretty good’
Orgrimm tells you, ‘other than that, boring day’

Orgrimm tells the guild, ‘hey! someone spiked this lag!’

Kinuvan tells you, ‘tell aeno my hot body is waiting for him to come back for long and wild cyber sessions :)’

Leni says, ‘scar need a group?’
You say, ‘only if its a lame one’
Xandrea says, ‘that would be us’
Leni says, ‘its real lame’
Xandrea says, ‘get her!’
You say, ‘then im yer girl’

Kable tells the guild, ‘incest is best..put your mother to the test’
Ailnydar tells the guild, ‘then kable tells you, ‘hand job”

Bizet says, ‘what kind of gang bang is this?’

Jihan tells the guild, ‘sorry Rolf, that was me and my 18 inch dildo’

Razorana says, ‘why are fatties always sitting on me?’
Dalphania says, ‘thats a whole different web site…’

Dwalith tells the guild, ‘Canada went down for emergency maintenance’

Dalphania tells the guild, ‘sam…is this some iraqi bin laden tactic where we end up throwing rocks at it?’

Kinder tells the group, ‘this comp is shit. i’ve tried everything to fix it.’
Kinder tells the group, ‘My next step is to head down to a small town’
Kinder tells the group, ‘buy a live chicken’
Kinder tells the group, ‘and sacrifice it upon my keyboard’
Vigilyn tells the group, ‘i used to have that problem’
Kinder tells the group, ‘Did the chicken work?’

Jacek says, ‘dont make me rip your “I (heart) Nibble” tshirt 🙁 ‘

Orgrimm tells you, ‘You, madam, are the Queen of Hearts, and I am your card’

You told Tiegos, ‘I’m feltching :(‘
You told Tiegos, ‘ack’
Tiegos tells you, ‘HAHAHAHAHAHAH’
You told Tiegos, ‘err’
Tiegos tells you, ‘HARDCORE :p’
You told Tiegos, ‘fLetching!’
Tiegos tells you, ‘NO NEED TO SAY ANYTHING ELSE :P’
Tiegos tells you, ‘I WILL LEAVE YOU TO YOUR TASK’

Umber tells the guild, ‘Did you see that last heal, Chart? AMAZING! I begin casting Kahuna heal, mob beats me down for 95% of my life, and I STILL GET THE HEAL OFF! =D You couldn’t have missed it, it was right before the drake started strangling Caius with my colon’

Yiladien tells the group, ‘she said…we tried something new…wanna hear?’
Yiladien tells the group, ‘i say “anal?”‘
Yiladien tells the group, ‘she said…no..valet parking :/’
Yiladien tells the group, ‘i was WAY off’

Ullric tells the group, ‘afk getting cock’
Ullric tells the group, ‘COKE. getting COKE!’

You told Runeslinger, ‘i’m a ranger. i’m never lost’
You told Runeslinger, ‘…’

Orgrimm tells the group, ‘show of hands, how many people are playing 1 handed?’

Kinder tells the group, ‘What does your snake eat?’
Cati tells the group, ‘rangers mostly’
Kinder tells the group, ‘Aye. I have a snake of my own with that particular appetite.’
Kinder eyes Scarabae up and down.
Cati tells the group, ‘Druids are ok, but leathery’
Kinder tells the group, ‘Its from all the thorn over-use’
Kinder tells the group, ‘Really not good for the skin’
Cati tells the group, ‘the wind burn from kiting doesnt help’

Krilled says, ‘Spell: Skin Like Balsawood’

Kinder tells the group, ‘I like to take My Right Hand out on dates. We have mango sorbet and chocolate fondue.’

Dwalith tells the group, ‘ive laid a minefield over there…Scara take your top off and lure them in’

Adyeni tells the guild, ‘I love your ears Dalph’
Sairah tells the guild, ‘do you like to nibble on them?’
Adyeni tells the guild, ‘they make great handles’
Dalphania tells the guild, ‘unf’

Dalphania tells the guild, ‘lets all make gnomes and tinker a giant Fuckin! A-Bomb and drop it on the server and paint a giant smiley face on it and then put a yard sign on the nexus that says Welcome to SoT’s Romper Room!’

Kristi tells the guild, ‘casidy’s pretty dirty’
Casidy tells the guild, ‘*nods* I tried to take a bath…but the water kept filling up with men…’

Aeno tells you, ‘so anyways i almost bought a condom for a snack’

Buzcam tells the guild, ‘wow a pasty pally / playing an assling cleric….thats like Helen Keller navigating for Stevie Wonder’

Aeno tells you, ‘dang, it feels like my boobs get bigger every day’

Sphirek tells the guild, ‘a loot boots vp = b boots gone fishing? :(‘

Orgrimm tells the guild, ‘so this guy asks me if i know someone’
Orgrimm tells the guild, ‘i say yes’
Orgrimm tells the guild, ‘he says, cool, so we share a common ground, bum me a kei?’

Swallx says, ‘Dardo was humping my leg.. I couldnt get snare off..’
Orgrimm hands Swall a napkin.
Swallx says, ‘Thanks…’
Orgrimm says, ‘keep it’

Lashawna tells the guild, ‘Mom, your not sending cyber to your son in law are you?’